Accelerate your not-for-profit membership & association client management landscape with a winning solution

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Business efficiency and organization are critical in managing and conquering the many unique challenges in the not-for-profit industry. Engaging your community, members, sponsors, partners, and volunteers directly through a self-serve portal solution, connected to your fully integrated financial and marketing system, is a key component in the groundwork for that success.

Join BDO IT Solutions to learn how not-for-profit membership & association focused organizations can accelerate business processes by optimizing data collection and maintenance, improving communication and member self-service, and enhancing marketing initiatives with actionable insights. Do all this through an easy-to-use, cloud based membership & association solution – powered by Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM platform.Experience in-depth, industry-focused insight, analysis and solutions into:

  • Not-for-Profit challenges, trends and competitive advantages
  • The process of bringing on new members through online registration, assessment and approvals
  • Managing requests or complaints from members through self-serve case management
  • Maintaining member information like certifications, board positions and contact information
  • Recruitment of new members through multi-channel targeted marketing
  • Running in-house or partner sponsored events including email invitations, registration, and attendance tracking