Calgary: Change the Paradigm of Data Leveraging Modern Analytics

Event Details

As a specialist in Modern Data & Analytics, BDO would like to invite you to our Change the Paradigm of Data Leveraging Modern Analytics seminar. The event will be presented by BDO’s top data engineers and data scientists focusing on our experiences in enabling our client’s data journey.

BDO has established practices and insights for each of the key milestones in an organization’s data journey.  Join us for an interactive session with the experts to help shape new thoughts and strategies for milestones in the data journey such as:

  • Gain control of data – key decision criteria related to modern data warehouse & data lake strategies
  • Self-service advanced diagnostics – a view into the next generation of operations analytics
  • Drive competitive insights with advanced analytics – performance driven sales & marketing analytics maximizing profits with techniques such as client lifetime value analytics
  • Business optimization with bots, cognitive services, RPA AI, and IOT – enabling a new level of digital customer service
  • Automation of key planning & performance management processes – process optimization focused on the office of finance
  • The value of a modern analytics strategy & roadmap

With the evolution in modern analytics and rapid technology changes in the marketplace, it’s not enough for organizations to simply be informed when making key business decisions, they need to capitalize on key insights ahead of their competition.  Organizations are making the breakthrough of changing the paradigm to fully capitalize the key asset of data.  BDO has accelerated hundreds of organizations in pragmatically realizing the full potential of their data.  This event will leave you with a number of considerations for the optimal execution of your data journey.