Webinar: Cyber threats for natural resources—are you aware and prepared?

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Cyber threats are now the norm for organizations across the board. The risk is substantial and many energy & natural resource (ENR) organizations do not fully understand their level of vulnerability. Direct threats are coming from terror groups, hacktivists, and nation states. Cyber Terrorists once focused on larger organizations — today target companies of all sizes and industries, including energy & natural resource organizations.

A key risk for ENR organizations is the use of legacy systems, built on old platforms that were not designed to protect against modern attacks. As a result, they have no security built in, and leave a door wide open into the organization for attackers. To assist in increasing the maturity of their cybersecurity and lowering their cyber risk, organizations massively invest in cybersecurity talent, process and technology. To what end? Until what level? With which priorities? For Information Technology or Operations Technology?

Join BDO as we provide guidance that gets down to a more digestible set of actions that ENR organizations can implement today to increase their level of cyber protection, reaction and response.

Our Cybersecurity Consulting team consists of dedicated professionals who bring deep experience to every client relationship. They deliver consulting services in more than 100 offices throughout Canada but have access to the global BDO network of firms in more than 150 countries around the world. Engage in practical, concrete cybersecurity practices and controls designed to help organizations improve the security posture of their environment and technology assets.