Mississauga: Enabling Industry 4.0 with Modern Analytics for Canadian manufacturers

Event Details

As a specialist in Modern Analytics, BDO would like to invite you to our Enabling Industry 4.0 with Modern Analytics for Canadian Manufacturers seminar. The event will focus on our experiences in helping manufacturers deploy cost-effective Modern Analytics solutions to accelerate their Industry 4.0 journey, enable them to make decisions based on timely information, and to shift the lens from what has happened to what will/should happen.

Join us for an interactive session with the experts to help shape new thoughts and strategies for milestones in your data journey such as:

  • Self-service Operational Diagnostics – see examples of operational analytics for Production, Sales and Finance, and learn how it can be deployed with any data source
  • AI Enabled Manufacturing – see how Artificial Intelligence can be used for predictive maintenance, production optimization, demand planning and more
  • Automation In Action – see how Bots and Cognitive Services drive automation for your knowledge workforce in the Modern Workplace

In addition to the Modern Analytics workshops, get access to experts that can advise you on other technology strategies:

  • Protect your organization – get insight into cybersecurity strategies
  • Planning your future – discover the value of a Modern Analytics strategy & roadmap
  • Funding your investments – find out how government incentives can help reduce the cost of initiatives

This session will qualify for professional development credits should that be of relevance to your profession.
Register by: October 16, 2018 11:59 PM Eastern Time