Thrive In Retail: Transform From Surviving To Industry Leading With Dynamics & Analytics

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Every day we read about upheaval in the retail space – the continued growth of e-commerce, the rationalization of store footprints, the growth of hybrid retail models like click and collect and home delivery. Why are some retailers winning while others fall by the wayside? In many cases, the winners are those who have harnessed the power of analytics to stay in sync with customer expectations, make better decisions, keep their costs down and place better bets on where to invest for success.

Join BDO for a presentation on the why the future of retail analytics is now and how Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 family of cloud-based applications are helping some of the industry’s top retailers remain successful.

Learn how to:

  • Quickly create dashboards of key performance indicators like overall chain sales vs. e-commerce
  • Customize reports to relay vendor selling cost, transportation, duty, taxes and broker fees
  • Track performance at a SKU, category or store level in real time
  • Use different pools of data to predict store performance