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There is Complexity in Your Food & Beverage Operations

The business of food and beverage manufacturing is inherently complex. With high competition, changing regulations and the constantly evolving manufacturing and distribution processes, keeping your business current is of the utmost importance. To grow your organization needs the ability to evolve with the needs of consumers and remain vigilant about health & safety standards. To remain competitive, your product must make it to market in a timely fashion, and you need to stay apprised of trends in order to match demand to supply.

Changing Consumer Demands

These days, consumers can afford to be fickle. With an abundance of choices and new products hitting the shelves every day, brand and product loyalty are hard to come by. Out of stock events, missing products, and ignoring the latest food and beverage trends can dramatically impact your sales. Attracting and retaining customers is made increasingly difficult by ever increasing competition; and you’re not just dealing with the consumer, but with the stores that sell your products. You need to deliver your products on time and at the right price, while working toward customer and brand loyalty.

Stringent Operations

Regulations and compliance requirements, out dated or manual systems, and a lack of visibility into your operations can negatively impact your profitability. Dealing with food and beverages means you can’t afford to make an error when it comes to production methods and storage. And if you can’t easily evaluate current practices, you risk non-compliance. Additionally, systems that don’t offer flexibility to address changes in the marketplace quickly and adeptly will leave you left behind; and trying to catch up is costly. You need a system that can help manage the intricacies, while also offering the agility to meet the changes within your marketplace.

Increased Competition

Innovations in processing, changes in technology and expanded shipping opportunities mean your competition is growing exponentially. Remaining competitive requires more than it used to, and it’s about more than having products in the field. Staying compliant, knowing your market, and pricing for performance are all part of the equation. You need a way to manage your operations, automate functions and reduce redundant tasks so your organization is more efficient and more competitive.

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We Can Help You Simplify and Succeed

BDO Solutions can help your food and beverage business advance and simplify. Our food ERP solution, which is built using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, helps you manage your business, while streamlining operations for improved performance.

“ BDO has been instrumental in assisting our First Nation in streamlining our accounting processes and procedures in AR, AP, Bank Services and Payroll. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable and effective at delivering your services and the training that was received was more than excellent. I would recommend BDO to any of our affiliates provincially and nationally. Thanks BDO for a job well done! ”

Mary E. King at Beausoleil First Nation —

Our food and beverage software helps manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages, including breweries, wineries and distilleries to:

  • Improve Controls:

    Track and analyze financials, sales and marketing, and supply chain; and collect, record, analyze and retrieve accurate product and operational information for greater control over all business processes.

  • Reduce Inefficiencies:

    Automate common data entry to reduce time and errors, evolve and remain flexible to changing customer needs and enable your staff to perform their job tasks easier, for increased productivity.

  • Gain Business Visibility:

    Business intelligence and analytics allow for flexible data views, graphical key performance indicators, and rich drill-down capabilities providing the ability to find and compare data quickly and easily. Real-time data allows you to report on and compare product quality data, sales and profitability trends, inventory movement and order management and other crucial business analytic metrics.

  • Increase Sales:

    Identify the most profitable products and loyal customers to reveal sales opportunities and create brand loyalty, analyze marketing activities, and integrate a point of sales solution to improve your sales operations.

  • Enable Growth:

    Understand cost details and internal operations to identify areas for development and opportunities for growth and increase efficiency to help reduce costs and generate more capital for expansion.

  • Remain Compliant:

    Fast access to accurate supply chain and materials data improves your ability to report to regulatory agencies and maintain compliance, so that changing regulations in production methods and the storage and use of raw materials do not impact production.

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Your food and beverage operation can compete better and succeed more with a food ERP solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our food manufacturing software experts are ready to help you drive your business forward. Contact us today!


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