BDO IT Solutions recognizes that in an increasingly complex world driven by new technologies, mining companies are embracing innovation to fuel success. Today, new advancements are rapidly driving the next wave of productivity gains. The mining industry is synonymous with volatility and risk. Factor in the geographic diversity of mining sites and the management challenges increase significantly.

As a trusted advisor, BDO IT Solutions works closely with our clients to determine if and when technology can contribute to the company-wide strategies required to address these fundamental challenges. Where it is deemed that technology can or should be part of the solution, we look first to leverage the client’s existing technology assets before recommending additional solutions to add value to the particular pursuit.

Creating a streamlined – and more important integrated – enterprise software solution with advanced mining capability, like inventory tracking software, will provide you with deep insights into your forecasting, budgeting, cost control and corporate compliance practices. Let BDO IT Solutions help your organization achieve its business objectives while at the same time maximizing the return from your investments in technology.

A Few Of The Ways BDO IT Solutions Can Help

Meeting The Challenges Of Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, Stakeholder Management

Internal Controls and Business Process Review Assistance

  • IFRS and other compliance initiatives often require a check of your existing business processes to ensure your mining organization is adhering to national and international accounting standards, as well as stakeholder reporting requirements. BDO IT Solutions can provide valuable insight into the processes and best practices that align with these regulatory requirements.

Modernizing Your Approach to Enterprise Performance Management

  • Organized, consolidated data that is offered up with self-service reporting tools for individuals or departments is easily achievable. BDO IT Solutions can help evaluate and modernize your reporting journey by looking at your current processes and preparing a roadmap that can bear results in a matter of days.

Contemporary Systems that Are Built for Industry Alignment

  • Outdated financial systems that are not connected to your operations are difficult to support, and not tailored to meet your specific industry needs. BDO IT Solutions will work with your team to ensure your financial systems reflect the unique reporting requirements and KPIs your finance department needs to address the scrutiny of watchful stakeholders.

Enterprise Performance Management And Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM)

Life of Mine Planning: Effectively Leverage Corporate Performance Management Software

  • Managing all aspects of your LOM can be overwhelming. Manual approaches to searching for data, consolidating results and compiling quarterly reports are not the most effective use of your valuable personnel resources. BDO IT Solutions can help you identify the optimal consolidation solution to fully automate these rudimentary tasks.

Introduce Predictive Analytics Models to Improve Asset Performance

  • Asset performance and plant maintenance is all digital these days. Analyzing data historians to correct a course of action is useful but BDO IT Solutions can leverage today’s leading-edge Big Data analytics platforms to assess future “what if” scenarios that will help your organization make proactive decisions based on your existing data.

Fraud & Security Strategies across Your Entire Supply Chain

  • The risks associated with cybersecurity, IT governance, third-party access to information, and internal fraud have grown significantly over the past few years as companies have increased their dependence on cloud-based applications. BDO’s Technology Risk & Security professionals can assist your organization with developing a comprehensive strategy to minimize these critical risks.

Collaborative Platforms To Ensure Productivity Gains And Employee Safety

Review Data Strategies Required to Generate Health and Safety Insights

  • Your number one mandate is employee safety, yet for most mining organizations there are no systems in place to alert, identify or report on incidents in a timely fashion. BDO IT Solutions can help you establish a complete HSE strategy to collect and decipher all the data relevant to identifying the health of your employees.

Automate Data Capture and Properly Tag Documentation for Legal Compliance

  • Improve your internal search engines with proper document governance and a rich metadata that is associated with your overall document lifecycle. BDO IT Solutions maintains an extensive portfolio of expertise and tools to ensure that you can leverage the right technology for your unique environment.

Modernizing In-House Applications for the Mobile Workforce

  • In the age of collaborative technologies, internal, custom-built applications are no longer viable. The need to be modernized, mobile, data driven and integrated with other systems is crucial to the success of your business. BDO IT Solutions can work with your organization to develop an application modernization strategy that your team identifies as critical to enhancing your mobile worker and extended contractor network.


With the release of Office 365, SharePoint 2016 and RecordPoint, companies can be fully compliant with automated records management and full enterprise search that enhances employee productivity. The tools are robust, user friendly and come at a fraction of the cost when compared to legacy applications.

Dynamics 365 Is The New Standard In ERP Mining Platforms – Hands Down

Mine smarter by integrating operations for supply chain management, health and safety, metallurgical accounting, and commodity and risk management, all in one platform. Transform and simplify your operations across finance, sales, asset management, and the supply chain with Dynamic Mine 365.


Mine Growth with Dynamics 365

IFRS11 and Joint Venture Accounting Continue to be a Challenge

As a mining operator, you will be increasingly involved in joint ventures and production sharing agreements, used to tackle large and complex projects. There are many challenges involved in achieving real-time transparency for all partners, such as consolidating joint venture projects into individual financial and management accounts. There is also the added complexity of handling rechargeable costs and reporting.


IFRS 11 and Mining Joint Agreements

Dynamics Miners Adopting Digital Transformations

Operational reporting for all mining operations utilizing SQL and PowerBI to manage executive driven KPI and predictive maintenance on equipment


Upgrading their ECM environments form SP07-10-13 to SharePoint 2016 and Office365 for regulatory compliance.


Reducing cost and complexity by 900% in their budgeting and forecasting cycles by moving from excel to Adaptive Insights.

Iundin Mining

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