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Oil and Gas Field Service Projects are High Pressure

Oil and gas field service providers face a complicated set of tasks and responsibilities with every project. Starting with the bidding phase through to project completion and final project accounting, tracking, analyzing and controlling, managing the volumes of information can be a monumental task. Further, projects often require multiple varied resources, including engineers, logistics, housing and heavy equipment rentals which can amplify the complexity.

Margin pressures are high, timelines are tight, and trying to manage everything with spreadsheets and manual systems is counterproductive to reaching your goals.

Detached Project Teams

Resources from different offices, firms, and locations mean effective communication is both necessary and difficult. You’re dealing with different degrees of access, varying time zones and diverse requirements. Decisions get made, plans change and everyone needs to stay informed as outdated files and information can put a project at risk. With contractors, suppliers and field workers all working on their piece of the project and sharing information, you need a centralized system to offer real-time data keeping everyone working effectively toward the common goal.

Business Ambiguity

Oil and gas projects quickly create an abundance of data and information, which can create accounting bottlenecks and impact project profitability. An inability to effectively monitor labor, equipment and materials can lead to manual preparation of invoices, allocating costs and payments through spreadsheets, and monitoring your budget in tedious and time consuming ways. Lacking clarity in the process can contribute to missed deadlines and will create timeline pressures along with reducing your capacity for effectively managing scope. You need access to accurate, up to date information at all times in order to properly analyze your project profitability and scope in order to make adjustments when necessary.

Ineffective Workflows

Oil and gas projects often work like several small projects with many contractors and field workers performing individual tasks at different stages, to reach a common goal. Tracking timelines, keeping everyone on task and supporting proper project management efforts can be difficult. You need to enable all parties on your project to stay on task, and to notify their project manager if they can’t. What’s more, you need to reduce redundant tasks and make it easier for your staff to do their job so they can improve their overall productivity and help keep your project on budget.