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BDO IT Solutions recognizes that in an increasingly complex world driven by new technologies, oil & gas and related services companies are turning to innovation for fueling success. Today, new advancements are rapidly driving the next wave of productivity gains. The oil & gas industry is synonymous with volatility and risk. Factor in changes in government and compliance regulations and the management challenges increase significantly. How can BDO IT Solutions ensure you continue to succeed into the future?

As a trusted advisor, BDO IT Solutions works closely with our clients to determine if and when technology can contribute to the company-wide strategies required to address these fundamental challenges. Where it is deemed that technology can or should be part of the solution, we look first to leverage the client’s existing technology assets before recommending additional solutions to add value to the particular pursuit.

Creating streamlined – and, more important, integrated – enterprise software solutions with advanced oil & gas capability like inventory, field service, health & safety, and asset management tracking software will provide you with deep insights into your forecasting, budgeting, cost control and corporate compliance practices. Let BDO IT Solutions help your organization achieve its business objectives while at the same time maximizing the return from your investments in technology.



Introduce Predictive Analytics Models to Improve Asset Performance

  • Asset performance is all digital these days. Using data historians to correct a course of action is useful, but BDO IT Solutions can leverage today’s leading-edge Big Data analytics platforms to assess future “what if” scenarios that will help your organization make proactive decisions based on your existing data.

Digital Oilfield: Field-of-the Future

  • The use of information technology to optimize hydrocarbon exploration & production, improve operational safety, protect the environment and discover energy reserves is crucial to the future of oil & gas organizations. Providing expert industry knowledge and prowess, BDO IT Solutions can advise, implement and manage the right solutions for the future of your business.

Operational Excellence for Your Community

  • Do you have a culture of safety and environmental responsibility? Go beyond achieving world-class production/field services and business performance and work with BDO IT Solutions to enhance business efficiency while also providing for your environments.


Incorporating Integrated Business Systems

  • Are you able to access your financial information quickly? Oil & gas organizations spend a lot of time and resources trying to get accurate financial data in a usable format. Let BDO IT Solutions introduce you to integrated business systems that can produce accurate results from the rig to the executive suite.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

  • Your customers are important and are the backbone of your business. Maintaining and building a positive relationship with them is crucial to your organization’s success. BDO IT Solutions can work with your team to introduce customer relationship management solutions that encourage continued excellence.

Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Analytics

  • Leveraging BDO IT Solutions experts, learn how to encompass a variety of statistical techniques from modeling, machine learning, and data mining to analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events.


Fraud & Security Strategies across Your Entire Organization

  • The risks associated with cybersecurity, IT governance, third-party access to information, and internal fraud have increased significantly over the past few years as companies have increased their dependence on cloud-based applications. BDO’s Technology Risk & Security professionals can assist your organization with developing a comprehensive strategy to minimize these critical risks.

Modernize Applications for the Mobile Workforce

  • Ten years ago, it was commonplace to build custom applications to meet the specific needs of your business without any thought to cloud, remote locations, mobility or integration. They were standalone applications. In the age of collaborative technologies, those applications now need to be mobile, data driven and integrated with other systems. BDO IT Solutions can work with your organization to develop an application modernization strategy that your team identifies as critical to enhancing your mobile worker and extended contractor network.

Risks and Rewards: Investing in a Sustainable Future

The U.S. oil & gas industry continues to thrive on the heels of a steadily improving economy, stable prices and the ongoing profitability of shale formations. But the persistence of two leading risks—regulatory changes and commodity price volatility—still keeps oil & gas leaders awake at night. To sustain their run of success, they will need to focus on productivity and combat complacency.

Connect Complex Systems and Analyze Customer Information

A well-executed CRM strategy can help oil, gas, and oilfield services companies connect complex systems and analyze customer and customer-segment trends to guide innovation. By increasing collaboration among sales and marketing teams, suppliers, and customers, organizations can identify their most profitable offerings and services, recognize emerging opportunities, and optimize sales processes across channel partners to achieve industry-leading results.


Increase Collaboration and Connect Complex Systems

Enabling Management and Detailing Costs

Northumberland County turned to BDO Solutions for help integrating and deploying the Key2Act (at the time WennSoft) Job Cost and Time Track modules with their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll module. Time tracking and job costing now directly correlates to the financial reporting function, and benefits from the solution’s multiple analysis and reporting options. How can BDO improve your technology solutions?


Case Study: Job Costs and Time Tracking

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Jesse Byam is a Partner with BDO IT Solutions Group, and the former Vice President of Etelligent Solutions Inc. He has over 16 years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics community. Specializing in the sales, implementation and support of Dynamics GP, NAV, CRM, and BI solutions, Jesse is an advocate for educating clients on the operational efficiencies Dynamics Software Solutions can bring to organizations.

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Successful Oil & Gas Companies Take Advantage of Microsoft Technologies and BDO Expertise to Grow and Gain Competitive Advantage

Inpetro moved their complete Dynamics ERP to the cloud utilizing the MS Azure platform in less than two months and on budget. This included their fully integrated online web store. This resulted in increased performance from all their offices and provided a built-in disaster recovery solution. They are now using MS Power BI with IoT and predictive analytics to provide their team and customers with the data through visualization that will empower them to make better decisions.

Inpetro Energy

Tundra Energy made a strategic business decision to implement a company-wide enterprise information system that will enable their continued growth and have the flexibility to adjust as the business evolves and expands. Their current ERP system lacked the ability to leverage other internal applications through integration, which would reduce the amount of duplicate manual entry of information. A fully integrated solution allowed improvement in financial, operational and management reporting and the ability to perform detailed cost analysis on their AFE Reports. This included integrating with Oildex and CIBC for automated invoice and banking from within Dynamics NAV.

Tundra Energy Marketing Ltd.

Energy Navigator was looking for an integrated financial and sales management system to improve efficiencies by eliminating silos of data, and reduce the amount of data entry and other manual processes. Additionally, it had to manage complex customer pricing models and recurring billing cycles. They replaced their old systems with a Dynamics ERP and CRM solution to fully leverage the capabilities of a modern integrated technology solution and support the growth of the business.

Energy Navigator Inc.

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