As a utilities organization, your community relies on you to provide important services. You are responsible for the installation, maintenance and upgrades of the infrastructure required to support those utilities. At all times, your business must carefully balance the tracking of your fixed assets with the ability to capitalize on the work you’re performing. How can BDO help you create a dynamic business environment?


Customer Care and Billing

Ask any utility what the most important function in their entire organization is and they will often speak about CC&B. This is the lifeblood of your business. Improving on your CC&B process is taking new shape in a digital transformation as these process get interwoven with call centres, websites, key account managers, conservation teams, and finance professionals. Everyone is looking for a seamless digital experience between ERP and CIS, and the tailored digital experience that is personalized to each individual in the organization.

Improve Data Access and Relevance

Focus on getting real, applicable insights from data and sharing them clearly and effectively with the right levels of the organization.

Align Strategy and Operations Towards Innovation

What has become increasingly important in the next 24 months is the emphasis on building a focused strategy that incorporates digital, and aligns with your business model, processes and organization, to encourage digital usage and experimentation. E&NR organizations are embracing digital as they keep pace with their peers in financial services, retail and other industries – all competing for the same investment dollars.

Cloud Vs. On-Premise: Choosing the Solution of the Future

The cloud is perceived to be at the cutting edge of business technology innovation these days, and CRM is one of the driving forces behind it. CRM software in the cloud takes advantage of added cross-technology integration, processing power and real-time insight data. Are you ready to take your customer relationships to the next level?

Smart Meter Integration with Core Financials for Accurate Reporting and Zero Billing Errors

Traditional electric utilities are facing many challenges in today’s real-time, interconnected, mobile-enabled world. These include aging infrastructure and a sophisticated, demanding consumer base. As the industry continues to evolve, smarter grids, meters, technologies and consumers are quickly becoming the norm. However, outdated billing and customer information systems in the back office aren’t keeping up with these changes. In addition, back office personnel find it difficult to match meter data with CIS data to ensure the customer is receiving the correct billing amount.


Implement Business Intelligence Solutions Today

Enabling Management and Detailing Costs

Northumberland County turned to BDO Solutions for help integrating and deploying the Key2Act (at the time WennSoft) Job Cost and Time Track modules with their existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Canadian Payroll module. Time tracking and job costing now directly correlates to the financial reporting function, and benefits from the solution’s multiple analysis and reporting options. How can BDO improve your technology solutions?


Case Study: Job Costs and Time Tracking

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Stephen Payne is a Partner and the Energy & Natural Resources Technology Leader at BDO, the fifth largest accounting and advisory firm worldwide. He has over 25 years of experience with the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), business intelligence, CRM and work management solutions for organizations operating in the Utilities, Mining, Power Generation and Oil & Gas industries.

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Utilities Adopting A Customer-Driven Strategy

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