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Controlling Your Utility Business Is Complicated

As a utilities organization, you help your towns, cities and municipalities keep power, gas and water running in the homes and businesses of consumers. Further, you are responsible for the installation, maintenance and upgrades of the infrastructure required to support those utilities. Your business must carefully balance the tracking of your fixed assets, with the ability to capitalize on the work you’re performing. Your jobs must be accurately estimated, including materials and labor. Your equipment and assets must to be tracked and maintained, your work orders properly scheduled, and in an emergency, you need the visibility and power to dispatch your teams quickly.
Managing all the complexity in your organization requires you to have an ERP solution designed specifically for those in the utilities industry that can manage fixed assets, work orders, scheduling and dispatch and more.

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Fixed Asset Management

Those in the utilities business are always looking for ways to improve infrastructure and reduce the cost and impact of delivery. Your clients rely on you to help them build and run the most efficient operations, and often times that means upgrading their current systems and equipment. To help your clients, and ensure you’re driving revenue, you need to be able to effectively manage your capital units, offering accurate estimates and then facilitating the job. When a job is complete, you need a solution that can analyze the job to determine which materials are capital units, and effectively manage the accounting and lifecycle of that asset.

Job Cost and Work Order Management

No two jobs are the same. With different crew members and equipment required, tight budgets and changing schedules, it’s important that your business can track actual costs to project budgets and ensure proper cost attribution. Estimates need to be created with proper access to accurate compatible units (bill of materials), materials costs, and internal and external labor requirements; and materials specifications need to be driven from GIS. You need a solution that is designed to effectively track various components of billable and non-billable work, so you recognize all possible revenue, ensure effective cost attribution and don’t allow jobs to go over budget.

Complex Scheduling, Dispatch and Mobile Workforces

Installations, regular maintenance, emergency scheduling and remote field workers mean scheduling of resources is of the utmost importance. You need to manage routes, consider which resources are needed on which job, allow for unplanned situations and alert your crew of any changes. You need a field service software solution that will not only allow you to create and maintain schedules, but also track your crew and equipment, and inform those in the field of changes to their schedule in real-time.

Business Management

Meeting regulatory compliance, having insight into your operations, managing complex accounting requirements and fixed asset creation, and tracking and maintaining equipment are all different but related parts of your operation. You need to keep the backend of your business running smoothly, with proper controls, so that your field workers can do their job. You need to enable your staff to do their jobs better, while enabling your management team to make smarter decisions. You need software that can help you with your field service, work orders and asset management, while enabling you to adhere to regulatory compliance. You need a software solution that will allow you to gain valuable insight into how things are operating and quickly identify areas of concern or improvement using proper reporting and analytics.

We Can Help You Keep Track

BDO IT Solutions can solve the challenges of your hydro and utilities organization by providing you with an integrated ERP system which helps you manage your entire business.

“ We decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and WennSoft at a key time in our growth, and there is no doubt that the integrated solution has enabled us to avoid cost overrun. ”

Laurie McLorg, Manager of Corporate Planning at Veridian Corporation —

A hydro and utilities software solution from BDO can help you:

  • Control Your Operations:

    Manage finances, budgeting, scheduling, HR, assets, materials and all of your accounting needs in a single, integrated solution.

  • Enable Business Intelligence:

    Use inherent BI capabilities to better evaluate your business performance and identify areas for improvement. Gain full visibility into your operation and make better, more informed decisions based on accurate real time data.

  • Handle Your Fixed Assets:

    Create fixed assets at the appropriate level of detail, automatically after a job is complete.

  • Improve Emergency Response:

    Utilize a mobile solution which will automatically dispatch teams from a centralized dispatch center during an emergency, so you stay safe and compliant.

  • Get Better Accounting:

    Maintain proper job cost accounting, tracking to tight budgets and end to end financial management with ease.

  • Organize Equipment & Maintenance:

    Manage preventative maintenance schedules for major equipment items, including substations, transformers, poles, and conductors, and use the solution to maintain hierarchical relationships between assets.

  • Track & Plan Better

    Enable graphical scheduling and notifications to alert emergency crews about malfunctioning equipment, gas leaks and power outages, and utilize mobile features to allow field crews to easily track costs, parts usage, work assessment, and provide and receive real time updates with dispatch. GIS and mapping software is also fully integrated for field crew and major equipment tracking.

  • Meet Regulatory Requirements:

    Address regulatory compliance requirements from the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Canadian or United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Automatically create fixed assets at the appropriate level of detail as specified by regulatory entities including OEB, FERC, NARUC and IFRS.

Case Study: Orangeville Hydro Limited

This case study shows how, in 2006, Orangeville Hydro Limited turned to BDO Solutions to integrate WennSoft’s Job Cost with their existing


BDO IT Solutions can help simplify the complex management of electric, gas and water utilities projects and services with field service software, work order software and asset management software designed with your specific business needs in mind.


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