Private Equity/Venture Capital


Due to the unique nature of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) organizations, many of the most relevant technology-based challenges are rooted in the need to manage and coordinate multiple technology environments simultaneously.

When working with our PE and VC clients, BDO IT Solutions leverages its significant expertise working with complex, heterogeneous technology domains across multiple locations in an effort to simplify the available technology alternatives and provide the most financially prudent recommendations possible.

Whether your primary driver is simply to roll up timely and accurate financial reporting or is more the need to maximize the synergies between your portfolio companies, BDO IT Solutions can help you identify and deploy cost-effective solutions while at the same time working to shorten the path to expected synergies and the targeted Return on Investment (ROI).




Evaluate the Capability of Existing Systems

  • More often than not, your acquisition team’s expertise is rooted in its ability to identify financial synergies rather than evaluate technology systems and applications. BDO IT Solutions can augment your diligence process by providing quick and efficient assessments of the technologies that you are inheriting through merger and acquisition activity.

Document a Cost-Effective Roadmap for New and Existing Technologies

  • Multiple companies within a portfolio means multiple technology infrastructures that need to be supported and upgraded. BDO IT Solutions can help you develop a technology roadmap that minimizes the redundancies and inefficiencies that are so often associated with the maintenance of multiple IT environments.

Develop an IT Rationalization Strategy to Maximize Synergies

  • Technology inefficiencies can negatively impact the financial synergies identified through the initial due diligence process. BDO IT Solutions will work with your team to identify the synergies that can be extracted from individual companies and groups of related organizations.


Effectively Leverage Corporate Performance Management Software

  • Manual approaches to searching for data, consolidating results and compiling reports limit and organization’s efficiency and are significantly more time consuming when data from multiple organizations needs to be consolidated. BDO IT Solutions can help you identify the optimal packaged solution to fully automate these rudimentary tasks.

Custom Data Mining & Reporting Capabilities

  • The capability required to formally mine, extend and report on data from disparate organizations within a portfolio will often require a bespoke approach to generating the right views. BDO IT Solutions maintains an extensive portfolio of expertise and tools to ensure you are able to extract the exact information that you require.

Introduce Predictive Analytics Models to Improve Business Decisions

  • Analyzing historical information to correct a course of action is useful, but BDO IT Solutions can leverage today’s leading-edge analytics and business intelligence technologies to assess future “what if” scenarios that will help your organization make proactive decisions based on the existing data within your portfolio.


Maximize Computing Power across the Portfolio

  • Efficiencies can usually be found when evaluating computing platforms across multiple environments. BDO IT Solutions can design and document a system architecture capable of adapting to your needs and as the size and scope of your portfolio of companies grows.

Leverage Application Integration to Maximize ROI

  • Distinct environments will all have their own standalone back-office systems. BDO IT Solutions can help identify redundancies and then design and implement an efficient plan to optimize these mission-critical applications, ensuring that you maximize the value from the existing investments in technology.

Deploy “Out of the Box” Systems as Appropriate

  • Many portfolios involve grouping together similar companies hoping to capitalize on the natural synergies between these organizations. Where the opportunities exist to do so, BDO IT Solutions can help you further this pursuit by procuring and implementing common back-office systems across the portfolio.

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