Staying Ahead of Global Giants and E-commerce Titans

BDO IT Solutions recognizes that as a specialty goods or grocery retailer, you have built your competitive advantage on your selection of unique goods paired with exceptional service. But pressure from global and e-commerce players puts new emphasis on the customer experience to preserve loyalty.

As a trusted advisor, BDO IT Solutions works closely with our clients to determine how technology can contribute to the company-wide strategies required to address these fundamental challenges. Where it is deemed that technology can or should be part of the solution, we look first to leverage the client’s existing technology assets before recommending additional solutions to add value.

Staying ahead of global giants and e-commerce titans is a necessity. Let BDO IT Solutions help your organization achieve your business objectives while maximizing the return from your investments in technology.



Assess and Improve Current Internal Technology Strategy

  • Are you finding that your systems can’t adapt to a world where consumers expect to try, buy, pick up and return products through any channel? Is your team creating time-consuming workarounds to make it seem like you’re an omni-channel retailer? BDO IT Solutions can provide an external view on what your systems can and can’t do, enabling you to make the right investments in your business.

Implement Modern Solutions for Retail Efficiency and Growth

  • Newer ERP systems may not be able to handle full omni-channel shopping behavior, requiring you to upgrade or add advanced omni-channel add-ons. In some cases, a full system upgrade may accomplish the same goals with more benefits and lower total cost of ownership. BDO IT Solutions can help implement the right solution, leveraging its experience with hundreds of ERP implementations.

Meet the Demands of Mobile Online Shoppers

  • Today’s consumers expect a clean, fast and information-rich customer experience when shopping online. It’s important that your inventory, financial and customer information systems are completely integrated. BDO IT Solutions can provide you with a turnkey website solution that does not require you to change your ERP system and is fully cloud-based to minimize investment and get you up and selling in a matter of weeks.


Align Data and Information Gathering to Support your Business Strategy

  • As the saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there.” Avoiding piecemeal information
    management solutions requires organizations to step back and plan before investing valuable resources. BDO IT Solutions will help you begin your analytics journey with a solid plan that includes business needs, clear outcomes and the required technology investments.

Employ a Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for Optimal Decision Making

  • Facing unprecedented levels of competition, every retailer needs an edge. BDO IT Solutions can help design and deploy an industry-leading analytics environment that will go beyond traditional reporting and data warehouses to include artificial intelligence, predictive modelling and business optimization.

Successfully Power Corporate Performance Management Software

  • For too many retailers, customer information starts and stops at loyalty programs. Go beyond points to true customer insights from richer data housed in a full-function customer relationship management (CRM) system. BDO IT Solutions can implement a CRM system that will enable you to drive customer insights and give you an edge on the competition.


Prepare your Retail Strategy for the Future

  • More and more retailers are turning to the cloud to provide more scalable, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure. But there are still a lot of myths about what the cloud can and can’t do for you. BDO IT Solutions can help you separate fact from fiction and plan your migration to the cloud in a way that maximizes returns and minimizes risk.

Create a Cohesive Technology Environment to Service Your Needs

  • If you are using an old, customized set of applications to run your business, you may be missing out on the comprehensive functionality of today’s all-in-one ERP systems. Avoid the constant incompatibility issues and the risks of unsupported software by upgrading to a retail ERP that integrates finance, inventory, supply chain, POS and e-commerce. BDO IT Solutions can help assess your needs and select the right system for your business.

Office Productivity Systems

  • Getting the most from your back-office functions like finance, IT and HR is critical to staying profitable in retail. BDO IT Solutions can design and implement office productivity systems that will reduce, automate and streamline your processes to enable your teams to focus on activities that drive value for the customer and the business.

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