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There is Complexity in Every Aspect of Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is a carefully orchestrated process of turning individual components into distinct items; either built in batches or individually – depending on the item and demand – through a variety of production types. Very few projects are the same, which limits your ability to leverage past experiences to make improvements and streamline operations. With so many products, components and timelines, effectively managing the production and delivery process to keep clients and consumers happy requires a solution that can handle the challenges of long build times and complex bills of material (BOM), while also providing strong collaboration.

The products are complex, and so are the production processes; success requires a system that manages the entire process, from quotation through delivery.

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Rising Costs

Global competition continues to increase and that puts cost pressures on discrete manufacturers. As margins thin, you need to work smarter and react faster. You must continually find ways to cut costs and improve processes if you want to produce a product that adheres to quality standards, while also being affordable. And you need to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact your bottom line.

You need a discrete manufacturing ERP software solution that can help you manage expenses, overhead and administrative tasks so that you can improve overall staff productivity, tightly control all elements of your supply chain, and increase the accuracy of your demand planning exercises to keep costs in check.

Collaboration and Complexity

Every product build is unique. From product drawings and customer revisions through to infinite product specifications, collaboration is a critical part of your discrete manufacturing business. Further, certain jobs involve custom designs and engineered components, which require tight document management and the ability to track and share changes to the engineering process in real time.You need discrete manufacturing software that enables better collaboration so that your jobs are done accurately and effectively, while simultaneously handling the complexity that comes along with the different production types.

You need a system that will stop outdated information from being distributed, so that your entire team stays on the same page.

Cumbersome Quotation Process

The nature of discrete manufacturing, with its complex product builds that require countless part and sub-assemblies, makes the quotation process inherently difficult. The need to gather input from multiple people in varying roles leads to long turnaround times that can negatively impact sales; and the frequent, almost unavoidable inaccuracies are eroding your bottom line.

You need a software solution that can streamline the quotation process and allow for faster, more accurate quotations and an increased ability to bid on jobs so that you can compete and win in today’s accelerated market.

BDO Can Streamline Your Operation

BDO IT Solutions can provide a discrete manufacturing software solution that puts control back in your hands and improves your operations.

“ Our month-end processing for accounts receivable used to take four people three days to close and send out customer statements. With Fuelsoft, we close accounts receivable and send out statements in one day. Issuing invoices sooner also means we are paid soon — a positive impact on our cash flow. ”

Bob Jones, Controller at Bryan's Fuel —

We can help you:

  • Provide Accurate Delivery Times:

    Better manage the process from quotation to fulfilment and provide more accurate timelines to your customers with real-time updates throughout the project.

  • Understand WIP & Actual Costs:

    Utilize production tracking and reporting functionalities to track detailed resources and throughput costs, including work center costs, and reporting production variances to standard costs.

  • Develop Business Intelligence:

    Gain better insight and improve decision making when you empower your people to quickly and more easily access the right information.

  • Manage Routing:

    Plan simple, sequential, and complex networks and use simultaneous routes in the same networks; use rough-cut capacity and detailed scheduling capabilities; and organize the shop floor into logical production units at individual sites.

  • Execute Multiple Manufacturing and Production Strategies:

    Facilitate multiple strategies including configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order, and use both push and pull production control mechanisms with ease.

  • Optimize Your Operation:

    Optimize production and materials planning, forecasting and scheduling, simultaneously schedule materials and capacity, and calculate available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) deliveries for more strategic operational management.

  • Reduce Costs:

    Improve staff productivity using role centres, reduce held inventory, and better predict parts requirements to enable more effective contract negotiations and resource scheduling.

  • Better Handle Production Orders:

    Create, schedule, view, track, split, roll back and/or categorize your production orders.

  • Improve Scheduling:

    Resolve scheduling overloads by reassigning operations to alternate work centres, optimize scheduling across the organization with unified resource models and scheduling engines, and quickly schedule and reschedule jobs and simulate alternatives by dragging Gant chart items for better overall scheduling flexibility.

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BDO IT Solutions offers discrete manufacturing ERP software solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, that improve overall business, helping you set more realistic timelines, meet and exceed customer expectations and improve the overall financial standing of your organization.


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