Modern, Seamless and Fully Integrated Distribution

BDO IT Solutions recognizes that distribution organizations often manage complex supply chain networks. To stay a step ahead, you must balance the need to maximize margins while offering a high level of customer service. Competition from existing and disruptive sources means that distributors need to constantly evaluate the technology that drives their business. State-of-art solutions that empower success are crucial to the bottom line of your business.

As a trusted advisor, BDO IT Solutions works closely with our clients to determine how technology can contribute to the company-wide strategies required to address these fundamental challenges. Where it is deemed that technology should be part of the solution, we look first to leverage the client’s existing technology assets before recommending additional solutions that add value.

The continued success of your organization depends on a distribution solution that is modern, seamless and fully integrated. Let BDO IT Solutions help you achieve your business objectives and maximize the return from your investments in technology.



Review Data Strategies Required to Generate Customer Insights

  • The most effective way to align your organization with your customers is to fully understand their expectations. BDO IT Solutions can help you establish a complete strategy to collect and decipher all the data relevant to identifying those expectations.

Application Development Services to Enhance Customer Value Proposition

  • The services demanded by your customers are increasing every year, including those related to mobile and web services functionality. BDO IT Solutions can work with your organization to develop the applications and functionality that your team identifies as critical to delivering on your customer promise.

Automate Data Mining & Reporting Capabilities

  • The additional capabilities required to formally mine, extend and report on customer data will vary depending on the existing technology infrastructure. BDO IT Solutions maintains an extensive portfolio of expertise and tools to ensure that you can leverage the right technology for your unique environment.

E-commerce Roadmap

  • Distribution organizations need to have a long-term e-commerce roadmap to allow them to survive as disruptive organizations change the traditional distribution landscape. BDO IT Solutions offers e-commerce solutions that can integrate with existing logistics and finance systems, or be deployed as part of an overall integrated solution strategy.


Replace disparate systems with integrated solutions

  • Duplicate data entry, supporting multiple versions of the truth, maintaining interfaces and working outside the system are non-value added tasks. BDO IT Solutions can help you build an integrated solution roadmap and deploy solutions that let your resources focus on more value-added activities.

Modernize Systems that Generate Critical Data

  • Modern, intuitive systems empower instead of hinder valuable resources. BDO IT Solutions can help you deploy modern solutions that enable your resources to be more productive.

Deploying cloud-based solutions

  • Traditional on-premise solutions require expensive and hard-to-find resources for deployment and support. BDO IT Solutions can help you build and execute a cloud-based strategy that reduces your reliance on those resources.


Effectively Leverage Corporate Performance Management Software

  • Manual approaches to searching for data, consolidating results and compiling reports are not the most effective use of your valuable personnel resources. BDO IT Solutions can help you identify the optimal solution to fully automate these rudimentary tasks.

Introduce Predictive Analytics Models to Improve Business Decisions

  • Analyzing historical information to correct a course of action is useful, but BDO IT Solutions can leverage today’s leading-edge analytics to assess future “what-if” scenarios and help your organization make proactive decisions.

Upgrade Fraud & Security Strategies across Your Organization

  • The risks associated with cybersecurity, IT governance and third-party access to information have snowballed. BDO’s Technology Risk & Security professionals can assist your organization with developing a comprehensive strategy to minimize these critical risks.

Creating a Cohesive System Between Finance and Operations to Maximize Efficiency

The fuel distribution companies must often choose between keeping their customers and operations staff happy and keeping their senior managers and accountants satisfied. This is because current software solutions are either operations focused or financials focused – until now. BDO has a perfect system to help manage all expectations.

FuelSoft provides the ability to schedule customer’s deliveries, predict when delivery is needed, K-Factor calculation, Cardlock, Equal-Billing (Budget) system as well as service management (i.e. Parts Plan).

While, Microsoft Dynamic provides a complete financial management solution (i.e. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, Payroll, General Ledger, CRM and Business Intelligence)

A Fit-for-Purpose Solution That Is Built to Make Your Life Easier

One encapsulated system that has fixed asset modules for tracking assets – managing items such as depreciation, rental, lease and finance. All your finance and operations technologies are interconnected, and there is no need to wait until end of month to see how the company is doing – with a click of a button you can see your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Improve Business Efficiencies with Dynamics 365

Cost Optimization and Security Are Business Advantages of the Cloud in Fuel Distribution

The transition to cloud is well under way for manufacturers around the globe. The advantages are significant. Line-of-business (LOB) leaders and their IT organizations increasingly rely on cloud to flexibly deliver IT resources at the cost and speed the business requires. Traditional IT spend is clearly on the decline, and manufacturers must update their cloud road maps to ensure their investments benefit the business.

Digital Transformation beyond the Shop Floor

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