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Engineer-to-Order Projects are Extremely Involved

When it comes to manufacturing processes, engineer-to-order (ETO) jobs are of the highest complexity. With multiple parties involved from the very beginning, detailed and iterative design processes, complex bills of materials and long lead times, ETO projects require precise controls and careful management if they want to remain on target and profitable.

With multiple parties including but not limited to contractors, engineers, designers and vendors, it can be difficult to keep every project on track, and ensure you’re not going over budget or missing billing opportunities, which can erode your bottom line.

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Estimating, Scheduling & Cost Complexity

Project based jobs are difficult to manage. From estimating to production, all the way to delivery and billing, there are more costs and complexity in each job than can easily be managed. In an engineer-to-order scenario, you’ve got long build times, multiple parts requirements and different vendors to control. Plans change readily, costs accumulate quickly and in order to keep your timelines reasonable and remain competitive, you need to keep every aspect of production running accordingly.

You need engineer-to-order software that goes beyond handling basic reporting and offers the job cost and manufacturing functions you need to handle the entire production lifecycle, track and reduce costs, and ultimately improve your ability to capture and recognize revenue. You need a solution that enables resource allocation and allows you to monitor, in real time, the actual progress toward the estimate-to-complete plan for each project. You need a solution designed with your complexity in mind.

Project Tracking & Management

As a successful engineer-to-order business, you’re working on multiple projects in tandem and that means you’re juggling different inventory, production timelines, resources and vendors. No single project can consume more time than another, and that means your margin for error is low while the propensity is high. With projects spanning months if not years, materials being purchased specifically for a job and not for inventory, and engineering changes happening as a regular occurrence, there is a significant amount of data to track and manage throughout the entire project lifecycle.

You need engineer-to-order software that can help you manage the unique set of information required for every distinct order, including custom product specifications and item numbers, complex bill of materials (BOM), timelines and routings. You need a solution which is not only optimized for a manufacturing environment, but one which is specialized to handle an engineer-to-order one.

Accounting and Project Costs

Engineer-to-order jobs are so unique that they each require their own specific job cost accounting functions. A majority of your orders are never repeated, so neither are your accounting functions. Each job requires complex materials as well as vendors, contractors and other resources, which all need to be properly tracked. That means in order to be effective and ensure proper cost attribution and revenue collection you need a system designed for your project accounting intricacies.

Engineer-to-order projects require you to manage not only the costs associated with building the product, including time and materials, but also the costs associated with the initial design component and all associated iterations. You need an engineer-to-order solution which can handle everything, including your complex project accounting.

BDO Can Keep Your Projects Managed and On Track

BDO IT Solutions can provide an engineer-to-order manufacturing ERP software solution that can manage all the inherent complexities of your business.

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We can help you:

  • Utilize Proper Project Accounting:

    Manage multiple cost postings including labour, materials, subcontractors, transportation and equipment to accurately track simultaneous projects and enable milestone billings to ensure proper cost attribution and revenue collection.

  • Understand Job Profitability:

    Use proper job cost accounting to attribute costs and revenue to specific jobs and roll up sub jobs into the master project to fully understand the profitability of each job as it progresses.

  • Enable Business Intelligence:

    Enjoy better access to more accurate, up-to-date information that can help you make faster more informed decisions and bring awareness to all aspects of your operations.

  • Improve Planning:

    Schedule jobs and resources, understand materials needs, effectively handle design iterations and do a better job at estimating for a more productive planning environment.

  • Centralize Your Information:

    Keep accounting, planning, scheduling, transportation and documentation in one place that is updated in real-time and available to all key team members; enable 2D and 3D CAD Integration for complete centralization.

  • Get a Better Solution:

    Enable your team to better perform their tasks regardless of their role with a system that works just as well for engineering and production as is does for management and planning.

  • Improve Your Overall Business:

    Control everything from estimation through to final billing with the highest level of accuracy for increased sales, better lead times, reduced overhead and a more streamlined operation.

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BDO IT Solutions offers engineer-to-order manufacturers a complete solution built on Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which manages the complexity of the projects while enabling better accounting functions, tighter cost controls, timelier project completion and clearer communications across the organization and all parties involved in a build.


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