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Success in Process Manufacturing is a Complex Recipe

Process manufacturing requires careful management of several crucial components. You have to develop, perfect and maintain recipes in order to meet the demands of your clients. Each item you produce requires stringent quality controls, exact measurements and a consistent production process in order to remain competitive and compliant. And you not only need to manage your finished product inventory, but your raw materials as well.

You need process manufacturing software that works with your particular industry needs, so you can meet targets and exceed expectations on a consistent basis, while keeping accurate control over every detail.

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Rising Operating Costs

With the rising cost of energy and raw materials, process manufacturers need to re-evaluate their manufacturing methods and systems if they want to stay competitive. As your product mix increases, you need greater visibility into inventory levels, inventory mix, pricing changes, cycle times, demand, and production constraints.

Running a lean operation is important. You must drive efficiencies throughout your supply chain to improve demand forecasting, balance the flexibility of recipe and formula adjustments versus inventory levels, and effectively manage labour hours and fixed assets. You need a process manufacturing software solution that is able handle the intricacies of your business, while improving overall performance.

Lot Management

Lot management is a critical part of your business, particularly if you’re in the food & beverage or pharmaceuticals industry. Your process manufacturing software needs to provide extensive lot management capabilities, which will allow you to access comprehensive, real-time lot information for better decisions and easier business management.

You need shelf life management capabilities such as FIFO, FEFO, Best Before, production date tracking, quarantine management, and lot traceability to keep your business, and your customers, safe and informed.

Recipe Management, Traceability and Compliance

From managing recipes to meeting regulatory compliance, your process manufacturing operation requires a considerable amount of information control. Recipes require variations for any number of reasons including changing raw material attributes and situational factors. The value and importance of proper traceability cannot be understated and regulatory compliance and customer mandates are increasingly complex.

You need a solution that can offer a flexible approach to your recipe management, while offering extensive lot traceability functions so you can consistently satisfy customers, make effective decisions and meet your compliance requirements.

BDO Has the Right Solution Formula

BDO IT Solutions can provide a process manufacturing software solution that can keep you on track and in control.

“ With the help of BDO, Adaptive Insights has streamlined our budgeting process and increased the level of involvement and transparency from our operational departments regarding their finances. ”

Rahim Kanji , Controller at Solium Capital Inc. —

We can help you:

  • Improve delivery times and throughput:

    Automate manual processes, connect internal systems and provide appropriate information to customers and suppliers for improved business agility, processing, and packaging. Increase production order efficiency, supply chain planning, customer service and capacity planning with tailored workflow, improved inventory responsiveness and more efficient working relationships.

  • Decrease Time to Market:

    Integrate design innovation into the manufacturing process and collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners, customers and manufacturers with improved operational responsiveness that offers better insight and flexibility to adapt to market changes and improves your ability to get your product to market faster.

  • Enable Business Intelligence:

    Improve overall decision making with access to better, more accurate information, analyze business metrics, run critical reports and track to KPIs.

  • Adopt Flexible Recipe Management:

    Define produced items by ingredient percentage, standard batch size, or both; manage multiple variations of a recipe, employ alternate recipe attributes, and even associate a formula item to multiple finished container sizes without having to recreate the base formula each time.

  • Define Multiple Inventory Dimensions:

    Take advantage of dual units of measure, catch-weight calculations, packaging codes, variation to the main item, and lots.

  • Increase Quality Controls:

    Reduce production variability, maximize yields, and minimize scrap.

  • Enhance Product Management:

    Manage multilevel formulas or recipes, co-products and by-products, electronic signatures, and packaging options.

  • Increase Utilization:

    Allow customers to request multiple quality specifications per product while combining similar products in production to improve machine utilization.

  • Track Production Costs:

    Analyze and monitor production costs and requirements for each sales order component using graphical representations of multilevel formulas and recipes.

  • Optimize Inventory:

    Reduce inventory costs and eliminate waste by pulling inventory in optimal sequence using ‘best-before’ management and first expired/first out (FEFO) or first in/first out (FIFO) picking guidance.

  • Maintain Compliance:

    Facilitate regulatory compliance with agencies such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by validating manufacturing processes.

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BDO IT Solutions can help you improve customer service, increase time to market and get your process manufacturing operation running efficiently and effectively with on Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


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