Process Manufacturing

Success in Process Manufacturing Is a Complex Formula

BDO IT Solutions recognizes that process manufacturing requires careful management of several crucial components. You have to develop, perfect and maintain formulas in order to meet the demands of your clients. Each item you produce requires stringent quality controls, exact measurements and a consistent production process in order to remain competitive and compliant.

As a trusted advisor, BDO IT Solutions works closely with our clients to determine if and when technology can contribute to the company-wide strategies required to address these fundamental challenges. Where it is deemed that technology should be part of the solution, we look first to leverage the client’s existing technology assets before recommending additional solutions to add value to the particular pursuit.

Success in manufacturing is a complex formula. Let BDO IT Solutions help your organization achieve its business objectives while at the same time maximizing the return from your investments in technology.



Meeting Compliance within Process Manufacturing

  • Keeping up with increasing compliance requirements in existing and new markets can be a challenge for process manufacturers. Partnering with BDO IT Solutions can help ensure you deploy solutions that align with these regulatory requirements.

Quality and Assurance of Your Final Product

  • From pre-market product and facility authorizations to production and supply chain auditability, tracking quality data is vital. BDO IT Solutions discrete manufacturing professionals provide insight that will evaluate and deploy solutions to help ensure that you are capturing the necessary quality information.

Production and Supply Chain visibility

  • Traceability, Recall Management, Electronic Batch records, and Non-conformances all require auditable systems in place. BDO IT Solutions will work with your team to build a roadmap and deploy solutions to address these industry-specific requirements.


Review Data Strategies Required to Generate Customer Insights

  • The most effective way to align your organization with your customers is to fully understand their expectations. BDO IT Solutions can help you establish a complete strategy to collect and decipher all the data relevant to identifying those expectations.

Application Development Services to Enhance Customer Value Proposition

  • The services demanded by your customers are increasing every year, including those related to mobile and web services functionality. BDO IT Solutions can work with your organization to develop the applications and functionality that your team identifies as critical to delivering on your customer promise.

Deploying Industry 4.0 Initiatives

  • Investments in automation and production optimization are vital to the long-term survival of manufacturing companies. BDO IT Solutions specializes in initiatives such as equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, and IoT data capture and analytics.


Replace Disparate Systems with Integrated Solutions

  • Duplicate data entry, maintaining interfaces and working outside the system are non-valued added tasks. BDO IT Solutions can help you build an integrated solution roadmap and deploy solutions that let your resources focus on more value-added activities.

Effectively Leverage Corporate Performance Management Software

  • Manual approaches to searching for data, consolidating results and compiling reports are not the most effective use of your valuable resources. BDO IT Solutions will work with you to identify the optimal solution, complemented by your business strategy, to fully automate these rudimentary tasks.

Modernize Systems that Generate Critical Data

  • Modern, intuitive systems empower your workforce and help you retain and recruit the resources you need. BDO IT Solutions can help you deploy modern solutions that enable your resources to be more productive.

Manufacturing ERP in the Cloud: Dispelling Common Myths to Help You Make the Move

When manufacturing organizations are considering a new ERP solution, one of the biggest questions is whether it should it be a traditional, on-premise deployment or a cloud-based solution.

Many decision-makers lean toward an on-premise solution – it’s familiar, tried and tested. And for some businesses, that is indeed the right choice. For most, however, today’s cloud-based ERP solutions offer valuable advantages – yet many decision-makers still have questions about the benefits of cloud computing. Learn more about the common myths of deploying cloud-based solutions and how to overcome objections.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with AXOQCS for Process Manufacturers

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with AXOQCS is a validated ERP solution specifically designed to meet the complex needs of process manufacturing organizations. Designed by regulatory and quality experts, AXOQCS provides the flexibility and agility in an ERP that is much needed for managing operations. Organizations can activate and unlock desired functionalities as they grow. Choosing the right ERP solution from the earliest stages will increase savings in the long run.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 with AXOQCS offers a complete ERP solution with built-in Quality and Compliance solutions allows companies to implement desired quality capabilities and unlock their full potential as they grow.

Make Compliance a Business Advantage

Next Generation ERP for Canadian Manufacturers

Learn why achieving operational excellence is critical by taking a look at the impact of existing ERP systems, and find out which new technologies to adopt to enable business change and remain competitive. In addition, learn key challenges affecting Canadian manufacturers as identified by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) in their most recent Management Issues Survey.

Key Challenges Affecting Canadian Manufactures

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Process Manufacturers Take Advantage of Microsoft Technologies to Gain Competitive Advantage

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Capital Packers was looking for ways to improve efficiencies across the organization, by reducing the number of data entries and manual processes. They selected a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution to allow them to fully leverage the capabilities of modern technology solutions, and support their business over the long term.

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