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Providing Healthcare Means Being Accountable

As part of the healthcare industry, your business provides essential services to the people in your community. While your organization’s main objectives lead to improving the health and lives of those within the community, your business still needs to be managed. You’re often forced to do more with less, and the sensitive nature of your work means cutting costs can’t come at the expense of providing quality care. You’re in a position of needing to stay on budget while remaining responsible for the people you serve, and that can be a difficult set of tasks to juggle.

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Managing Records

Vendors, clients and staff are all creating data that needs to be safely stored. Accessing files, generating reports and providing front-line staff and administrators with the tools they need to deliver fast but thorough care is absolutely critical. Further, as a healthcare provider you’re subject to a multitude of regulatory requirements, governing bodies and public accountability that require you to keep careful control of every aspect of your operation.

You need a healthcare ERP system that can integrate all records management into one centralized solution that can be accessible to the right parties when they need them.

Budget Constraints

It’s no secret that budgeting creates several challenges in the healthcare sector. Upgrading equipment, paying vendors and managing the overall operation is a costly endeavour. Without proper visibility into daily spending, owed payments and upcoming expenditures, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep each department on track and not consistently exceeding budgets. Further, lacking an integrated system for managing financials means waiting on reports generated at different times by different people, and attempting to make sense of information which doesn’t correlate. Budgeting without proper financial management is a challenge that cannot be overcome with more spreadsheets and manpower.

You need a healthcare ERP solution that centralized your financial data, helps you manage budget and enables better visibility for improved decision making across the board.

Shifting Priorities

Your main focus is community care but you can’t deny the needs and constraints of your operation. While ideally all the energy in your practice would go toward providing excellent service, administrative tasks and ineffective procedures and manual processes are consuming a disproportionate amount of time. From account management to HR functions, you’re tasked with keeping everything operating properly while remaining accountable to all parties. As your business evolves and the world in which your operate changes, these tasks become increasingly complex.

You need a complete solution that is designed for the healthcare industry, so you can manage all aspects equally, without letting one area suffer for the success of another.

Case Study: Saint Elizabeth Health Care

This case study outlines BDO's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 for Saint Elizabeth Health Care. Saint Elizabeth Health Care (SEHC)


BDO Can Ensure You Meet Everyone’s Needs

BDO IT Solutions can provide a healthcare ERP solution that addresses the needs of clients, administrators, vendors, government agencies, donors and more.

“ During the last 12 years that I have been working with BDO, they have consistently provided exceptional technology solutions. If BDO says it will work, it will! ”

Charlie McMane at Teleline Canada Limited —

We can help you:

  • Become Transparent:

    Gain visibility, enable faster more accurate reporting and give your staff access to the information they need to perform their tasks while adhering to regulations and providing excellent service.

  • Improve Budgeting:

    Create realistic budgets and set alerts so you can reduce overspending, and utilize Encumbrance Management capabilities to help curb wasteful spending and ensure funds are earmarked and available to fulfill the mission of the organization.

  • Automate Processes:

    Free up time by automating common day-to-day processes such as data entry and reconciliations, so you can be faster and more accurate. Use Control Account Management within the payables module to eliminate the need to manually reconcile reporting, and gain a deeper understanding of your overall financials.

  • Meet Regulatory Requirements:

    Enable better records management and tracking, reduce the complexity of your reporting functions and better answer to regulatory boards and donors so you can put more time into caring for the mission at hand.

  • Establish Business Intelligence:

    Enjoy rich reporting capabilities, develop dashboards and KPIs and experience better decision making and an increased awareness of performance issues and areas for improvement across your organization.

  • Better Manage Resources:

    Track and increase visibility into human capital, integrate payroll functions and create more timely and accurate reports to meet your requirements.

  • Reduce Inefficiencies:

    Reduce the time it takes to accomplish day to day tasks, automate functions and save money, while improving the jobs of your employees.

BDO IT Solutions offers healthcare providers the integrated end-to-end healthcare ERP solution required to improve their overall organization while meeting and exceeding the needs of those they care for.


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