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In Professional Services, Time is Money

As a professional services firm you rely heavily on the ability to track and realize every hour of every day. Project estimates need to be precise because you can’t afford to donate hours. Resource and capacity planning needs to be carefully balanced so that you don’t find yourself short staffed on a project, or worse, with staff sitting idle without assigned tasks. Every hour worked needs to be captured, and your billing needs to be accurate and timely. Your profitability is affected by your ability to estimate and staff every project, and without a system that can help you track hours and apply them to a project, you run the risk of losing precious billable time.

You need professional services automation (PSA) software that can help you manage every aspect of your day, so you can capture every hour of work.

Detailed Project Management

From estimating hours to scheduling resources, managing projects is a major component of your business. With no product to sell, your intellectual property needs to be delivered with care and demonstrated quality. Your clients expect their projects to stay on track and true to budget. You need to carefully monitor every hour spent and ensure you’re not exceeding timelines. You need to manage change orders, keep the client abreast of project status and, above all, keep a tight grip on costs and resource allocation.

You need a PSA software solution that can help streamline project management, create alerts and give you the control you need to make adjustments as required.

Resource Management and Allocation

You have a talented team of professionals on staff that can contribute to an array of project requirements. The trick is to know who is right for every task, and to ensure you’re effectively distributing the workload so no one is way over or way underutilized. You need to know who is on task, who is idle and who is coming available next, so you can not only plan your projects at a general level, but also your resources, more specifically. You need to manage in-house and field workers, contractors and specialty staff, understand everyone’s billing and charge rates, and determine who can work together the most effectively to get the job done. You also need to communicate with everyone on the project, ensuring they can access the project data they need, are made aware of percent to completion and are notified of overage hours. Manually trying to manage these moving parts is no simple task, and no amount of spreadsheets and emails is going to effectively keep track of it all.

You need a professional services automation solution that can help you effectively track and manage resources so you can best plan your projects.

Client Satisfaction

Remaining competitive means exceeding the expectations of every client so you gain repeat business and good referrals; you need to create loyalty. In order to build mutually beneficial business relationships, you need to provide clients with excellent service, projects that are delivered on time and on budget, and a good line of communication through every phase. Estimates need to be detailed and complete; billing needs to be accurate and timely, and change orders or delays must be effectively processed and disclosed to eliminate surprises. Your clients demand to know every aspect of their project and you must be able to quickly provide them with the answer to any of their questions.

You need a PSA software solution that can help you keep track of all your information so you can report to clients at their discretion, and keep everyone on the same page when it comes to changes to and progress on project parameters.