10 Reasons Why SmartConnect is Essential for Your GP and CRM Integrations

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Nearly every company utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM has a need for initial and ongoing integrations. Now, with SmartConnect by eOne Solutions, over 3,000 customers (and counting) are taking advantage of the best way to create integrations.

At BDO we only recommend solutions that we think provide great value to our customers’ business. We’ve seen our customers save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars when utilizing SmartConnect. It is the only integration tool we recommend for Dynamics GP and CRM.

Take a look at the top 10 reasons to choose SmartConnect:

  1. It can connect to almost any source of data
  2. It can be scheduled on any time frame
  3. It can be triggered in real time for integrations
  4. It can be called programmatically via its own web services
  5. It covers a wider breadth of modules including AA, field service and HR in GP and connect to all standard and custom data in CRM.
  6. It provides GP, CRM, and SalesForce.com integration out of the box
  7. It provides scheduled export capability to push data out to other systems
  8. It doubles as a development & automation tool – reducing the need for writing code in GP and CRM
  9. It works with Extender
  10. SmartConnect has an Excel add-in for integrations from Excel to CRM and GP (eliminating the need for GP users)


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