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5 Things You’ll Love About Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 comes with a plethora of functional improvements that are aimed at helping you achieve a more connected, more profitable business. Here are just five of them.

1. Cash Management

NAV 2015 offers several new exciting enhancements in the area of cash management:

Simple and Uniform Bank Integration –  Supporting electronic bank files of major banks in over 25 countries, bank statement files can be converted into data that can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or exported to electronic payment files in the format that the users’ bank requires.

Fast and Reliable Incoming/Outgoing Bank Payments – The Payment Reconciliation Journal enables users to import bank transaction data into a dedicated UI (User Interface) and automatically apply to open entries representing customer and vendor documents. The features include advance record matching, strong review tools and the possibility to freely define the payment match tolerance and to modify the generic matching algorithm.

Greater Control Over Electronic Payments – Better management of the payment creation and export process to track payment history. Key improvements have also been in the area of tele-banking.

2. Cloud Deployment

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 can be deployed without any hardware on site. This means that smaller operations such as smaller manufacturers have a cost-effective solution where they can enjoy the benefit of a world class ERP system like NAV 2015 while saving a considerable amount on hardware and IT expenses. The benefits of running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 in the cloud are extensive, see our Dynamics Stratus Service for more information.

3. Cross-Platform Friendly

The biggest improvements are arguably with regards to the user-friendliness of the interface. For starters, it is cross-platform friendly, meaning that NAV 2015 screens render optimized for whatever device you’re accessing it from such as a mobile phone, tablet or standard desktop. This allows easy viewing from any device, freeing up your mobile sales or work force to work with the central database whether in person with customers, in the office or wherever they might happen to be.

Windows 8 users will enjoy apps made especially for touch devices allowing for a more naturalistic experience when working through these devices.


NAV 2015 view from an iPad
NAV 2015 view from an iPad


4. Simplified User Experience (UX)

NAV 2015 contains simplified objects and pages under the name Simplified UX, mainly as a way to support smaller businesses. This provides simpler versions of the standard user interface allowing your workforce to focus on more fundamental information such as basic sales and purchase processes. It also has a simplified Role Center that shows real-time KPI’s.

5. Integration with Design Software

NAV 2015 allows for direct integration with other programs such as Microsoft Word. This allows your team to produce invoices, reports, etc.using Microsoft Word templates directly in NAV 2015, and empowers your staff to make layout or design changes to documents without paying a third party for those modifications.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, download our full product overview and capability guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

Download our Product Overview and Capability Guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
Download our Product Overview and Capability Guide for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015




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