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6 Marketing Automation Features That Are Kind of a Big Deal

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Do you know where your prospective buyers are?  They’re hanging out with your Marketing department.  On average, buyers progress 60% through their buying process before engaging with a salesperson. This means that 60% percent of buyers are in the hands of Marketing before they talk live with anyone in your organization. Buyers are actively searching, reading online, engaging on social media and downloading documents. More than half of the buying cycle happens without the help of a vendor.

Can you see now why marketing automation is kind of a big deal?  It’s a must-have for almost any organization. But what is it about marketing automation that marketers are buzzing about?  Let’s take a look at 6 marketing automation features that top-notch marketers depend on to interact with prospective buyers before a live conversation even takes place.

1. Visitor Tracking

Marketing automation enables marketers to gain valuable insight into visitor and prospect behaviour. With a marketing automation tool, marketers can track how visitors get to your website, what they are doing once they get there and how much time they spend there.  That’s some major insight, insight that allows marketers to segment and target their prospects on a much more granular level.  Think about how much more quickly marketing and sales can now move prospects through the funnel.

2. Lead Nurturing

Educating prospects that aren’t yet ready to buy is a key component of marketing automation. Delivering content that is valuable and engaging means building a strong brand and lead nurturing enables marketers to track prospects while automating the entire content delivery process. The right message to the right prospect at the right time is the epitome of marketing automation.

3. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring enables Sales and Marketing to work within a set of agreed upon definitions of what constitutes a sales-ready lead.  By assigning points to a lead, sales and marketing immediately know what stage the lead is at in the sales cycle.

4. CRM Integration

CRM integration maximizes the success of marketing and sales alignment and allows for a holistic approach to the lead management process. With data gathered from Sales, the Marketing team has a clearer understanding of customer preferences and behaviours allowing for more targeted and personalized campaigns. With the insight gathered by Marketing, Sales has access to the latest behaviours and actions taken by their prospects and customers making it easier than ever for them to have the ‘right’ conversations.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Marketing automation enables marketers to analyze prospect behaviour on a more granular level. With reporting and analytics, marketers gain knowledge of customer needs and are more equipped to roll out stronger, more refined campaigns.

6. Social Media

There is no question that social media has become one of the most important components of a strong marketing strategy.  Top performing marketers know that marketing automation makes your social strategy that much more impactful.  Increasing the readership of your newsletter or other marketing emails is made easy with marketing automation.  Add links to popular social sharing platforms directly in your content and track how well they perform.

Organizations see the need for marketing automation to enable their sales team to close more deals.  Thanks to an abundance of insight and keen analytics, prospects move to the sales-ready stage quicker and marketers have the ability to segment and target prospects with laser sharp focus.

To learn more about marketing automation and how it can benefit your organization, contact BDO Solutions’ Marketing and CRM Specialists or download an Optimizing Business Productivity White Paper.


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