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7 Reasons your Business Should Consider Moving to the Cloud

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The decision to move is usually triggered by an event or situation that requires you to make a change. What about a business’ decision to move to cloud computing? What are the triggers that would make moving to the cloud the right choice for a business: business growth, adding new locations, seasonal fluctuations? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make moving to the cloud a worthwhile consideration:

1. Your IT equipment has an end of life looming

Is your server getting old? Have you pushed it to its limit? Is it finally time to do something about it? You’re now at that decision point that so many other businesses are finding themselves: do you replace that old server with a new server or do you move to the cloud?

If you don’t replace your old servers you risk the possibility of a server crash that could completely disrupt your business. Investing in a new server is an option or do you save that new hardware expense and move to the cloud? With the cloud, you’ll avoid the costly downtime caused by a dreaded server crash while decreasing IT costs. And, most cloud providers include hardware upgrades in the monthly cost.

2. Your business is growing

Fantastic news! How’s your system handling it? With a cloud solution, you can easily add employees, locations and functionality as needed. Instead of focusing on building out your IT infrastructure, now you can focus on continuing to grow your business and increasing your profits.

3. You are opening new locations

With the cloud, all you need at your new location is an internet connection and you’re good to go, thus reducing the risk of expansion on the IT side considerably.


Download our Cloud Changes the Game and Learn 5 Business Trends You Can Catch Now with a Cloud-Based ERP System
Download our Cloud Changes the Game and Learn 5 Business Trends You Can Catch Now with a Cloud-Based ERP System


4. Your business is a startup

Business in general and startups in particular, practice the relentless pursuit of cost savings. The cloud is a perfect option for startups. With the cloud, you don’t have to invest in a lot of infrastructure. The savings in IT can be put directly towards sales and marketing efforts to boost your bottom line.

5. You are looking for ways to increase cash flow for your business

Cloud computing services are typically subscription based meaning there is no need for capital expenditure and ongoing operating costs are predictable. Cloud computing is also much faster to deploy thereby minimizing businesses start-up costs.

6. Seasonal fluctuations in your business affect your network capacity

Calling all retailers, this one’s for you. You know this only too well. The rush leading to Christmas puts a strain on your network capacity only to be followed by the January low…With the move to virtual resources and cloud-based services, scaling up and down is affordable and doable. On-demand network services give businesses the opportunity to scale network infrastructure capacity as needed. The cloud approach enables the best investment protection.

7. You have staff that work remotely from home or on the road

If your team travels regularly, or you have staff that works remote rather than in the traditional office environment, the cloud offers a secure solution. An internet connection and a device is all they need.

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, BDO Solutions can help. Contact us for more information or download our eBook on how the cloud changes everything.



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