8 Reasons to Upgrade to Management Reporter CU16

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Are you on the most current release of Management Reporter 2012? If not, here’s why you should upgrade.

Management Reporter CU16 offers improved security with the support of HTTPS; this additional level of security will allow you to protect your financial data regardless of your deployment type, whether cloud-based or on-premise.

The Management Reporter 2012 CU16 update offers improved performance as well as fixes for these 8 commonly encountered errors and issues found in previous versions of Management Reporter 2012.

Errors in Management Reporter 2012 Corrected In Management Reporter CU1:

  1. Unable to open or delete a building block after it has been checked out to a user that has since been deleted.
  2. Desktop Viewer is unable to drill back to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
  3. Yes/No Analytical Accounting dimension not working or integrating correctly in the Management Reporter data mart for Dynamics GP.
  4. Management Reporter 2012 data mart pre-deployment scripts time out after two minutes.
  5. An error occurs with the message “Couldn’t retrieve the list of available databases: The connection attempt failed” when creating the initial GP integration with GP 2016 Dexterity Shared Components.
  6. Configuration console will crash when run without local administrator permissions.
  7. Configuration Console will crash with the message “Management Reporter Configuration Console has stopped working” if the DeploymentContext.txt located in C:\ProgramData\IsolatedStorage\xxxxx.XXXXX\xxxxx.XXXXX\Publisher.xXxXxXxX\AssemFiles\ is left blank.
  8. Report Designer crashes unexpectedly and without error when modifying building blocks,
    For more detail on the new features and bug fixes of Management Reporter 2012 CU16, check out this article from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community.

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