Affordable ERP for Small to Mid-Size Organizations: Make Compliance a Business Advantage

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Compliance issues are an everyday concern in the regulated product industry. Human error, procedures not followed, and a lack of implementation of necessary good manufacturing process (GMP) controls results in costly damages and places product quality at risk. Available software technology is capable of preventing these issues, but for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have been expensive to consider. Fortunately for pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers and distributors, there is now a cost effective ERP solution, based on Microsoft technologies that will support their current operations and future potential growth.

The move to paperless – Companies that rely on paper-based processes are not only exposed to greater risks, they’re also unable to benefit from electronic records, more centralized data and easier accessibility to information. Going paperless makes it easier for an organization to assess and manage risks, implement quality processes and even supports in trending data. Organizations that purchase separate software for operations and quality management face challenges with integration, redundancy, and costly maintenance and will often find that business operations remain disconnected.

Tell me something new – Microsoft Dynamics® powered with AXOQCS™ is changing the life sciences industry. Microsoft Dynamics® is a tier 1 ERP without the implementation challenges of traditional ERPs and their associated high costs. AXOQCS™ is the quality and compliance solution for Dynamics that extends standard functionality to cover global quality and compliance requirements, resulting in a full collaboration with an organization’s quality department. Future versions also include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and cloud options, offering a complete business solution.

Embrace the cloud – Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP solutions are now a mainstream option for life sciences organizations. Microsoft Dynamics® powered with AXOQCS™ offers many advantages over traditional on premise deployments for SMB organizations, including the elimination of up-front server and license costs, rapid deployment, enterprise level security, high availability, full scalability, performance covered by service level agreements (SLAs), ability to customize if required, and access from anywhere.

The big picture – Pharmaceutical and other life science companies experience rapid growth during their development stages. What often becomes a bottleneck is how to support operations as they grow. ERP systems are meant to support operations, but companies often choose off-the-shelf (OTS) software instead to support initial operation levels. Once they experience growth, companies are forced to think about upgrading or changing to bigger software systems.

Dynamics® with AXOQCS™ is a validated ERP solution specifically designed to meet the complex needs of pharmaceutical and life science companies. Designed by in-house regulatory and quality experts, AXOQCS™ provides the flexibility and agility in an ERP that is much needed for managing pharmaceutical and life science operations. Organizations can activate and unlock desired functionalities as they grow, proving that choosing the right ERP solution from the early stages will save more costs in the long run.

Microsoft Dynamics® with AXOQCS™ offers a complete ERP solution with built-in quality and compliance functionalities. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and life science industries, AXOQCS™ allows companies to implement desired quality functionalities and unlock their full potential as they grow.

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If you’re a small or mid-sized pharmaceutical or life sciences organization looking to deploy an ERP solution to reduce costs and position your organization for growth, please contact David Linton to find out more about Microsoft Dynamics® and AXOQCS™.

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