AgilesWorkflow for Dynamics NAV: Transform Your Financial Approvals Process

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If you were ever responsible for obtaining approval from a number of people for a purchase order, proposal, or any other critical document, you know it can be a frustrating experience.

First, you have to manage the complicated and time-consuming PO approval process. Approvals can come in from any number of department managers. Ultimately, your head office approves all POs before you proccess them. Or maybe your approval process requires:

  • Department manager approval for general department expenses.
  • Head office approval for inventory purchases.
  • Multi-tiered approval for example, your CFO only grants final approval once the first two approvals are complete.

You can avoid hassles like these by using an electronic PO approval workflow, like agilesWorkflow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Expect the following benefits:

  • A timely process: Little to no delay between stages of the approval processes
  • Traceability: Easy to identify approval statuses, for example, approved or rejected
  • Minimum customizations required
  • Easy for end users to maintain or update the approval process

How agilesWorkflow for Dynamics NAV can improve the PO approval process

With agilesWorkflow, you can increase your company’s productivity with transparent, tailor-made processes for your business requirements without any additional development.

  • Transparency: An end to “lost in transit” POs. The PO initiator knows exactly which person is holding the PO for approval at all times.
  • Real-time communication: Send timely notifications to the PO initiator that provides updates on approvals, therefore further action could be taken immediately.
  • Strong capabilities: Agiles is able to trigger approval workflow based on your system data or any table value. The trigger can be department/region code or item category/Product group.
  • Flexibility: Agiles is able to build 2-tier, 3-tier complex approval process without heavy customizations. The Agiles administrator freely updates the approval hierarchy to determine the approved successor if a PO was approved by a predecessor.
  • Empowered end users: Training to handle maintaining and updating workflows like changing approvers or criteria to determine approvals, without the need to involve external consultants.

Within weeks of design and training, your new PO approval process can be in place. Your new approvals process is less complicated, more transparent and more effective. Stop wasting time searching for PO approval statuses and allow your staff to focus their energy on what your organization really needs.

If your business is experiencing similar pains and would like to begin optimizing your processes, then contact your BDO Client Manager or email me today for more info.

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