Announcing the Prophix to Microsoft Dynamics GP Budget Import Solution

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We are proud to announce BDO Solutions’ trusted integration solution to integrate Prophix Corporate Performance Management system (CPM) with Microsoft Dynamics GP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution. With BDO Solutions’ Budget Import Synching add-in, planned data in Prophix can seamlessly be imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Financial Budgets whenever and however often you’d like.

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps organizations to automate many day to day financial functions, while Prophix facilitates and automates numerous budgeting and financial planning functions. A large number of BDO Solutions’ clients use both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Prophix to fully enhance their organization’s overall financial process.

Many clients leverage Prophix for all planning, reporting and analysis needs. However, some clients may need planned data imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP for greater convenience and ease of use. For instance, they may continue to leverage Management Reporter for reporting or they may be using encumbrance management features within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Without this new BDO Prophix Implementation Advantage offering, any budget or forecast required in Microsoft Dynamics GP would need to be manually imported using the regular budget import process in Microsoft Dynamics GP. While this process works, it is both time-consuming and does not offer any error reporting on accounts that do not exist within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So, how does it work?

It is a simple three step process:

  1. The Prophix budget administrator exports the Prophix budget to a SQL table (this is a simple setup within Prophix)
  2. BDO’s solution to import the budget into Microsoft Dynamics GP is then run from within Prophix itself (BDO installs and configures this solution which is a one-time setup)
  3. Prophix then prepares and distributes a report of any missing accounts in Microsoft Dynamics GP that do not exist (this error reporting feature is not available with the regular Microsoft Dynamics GP budget import process and also requires a one-time setup)

If you currently use Prophix and Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to automate this process, save time, reduce errors and get the most out of your investments, please contact Les Wright for more information.

To view our successful implementation of Prophix and the Dynamics GP integration add-in, read the InnPower Corporation Prophix Success Story .

Abdul Hoosen
Consultant, BDO Solutions


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