BDO on Business Intelligence (BI) for Manufacturers

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BDO has the perfect BI solution to help Manufacturers with agile, data driven decision making such as:


Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

  • Can production related costs be better managed?
  • Is production optimized?
  • Can downtime be reduced?

 Business Intelligence Manufacturing Industry

 We believe Manufacturers can benefit from BI in the following way:

  1.  Better data leads to better decisions
    1. A single, unified version of the truth
    2. Ability to be more agile, competitive and adapt to new market conditions
  2. Better decisions lead to better performance
    1. Optimize production resources & increase productivity
    2. Uncover profitable opportunities
    3. Analyze make vs outsource costs & benefits
    4. Support profitable product line innovation / expansion
    5. Monitor and measure continuous improvement initiatives
  3. Better performance leads to higher profits
    1. Join the ranks of successful manufacturers who compete and outperform using analytics
    2. Fulfil the organization’s mission and strategy
    3. Reward investors

For more information, please contact your BDO Client Manager or Les Wright at [email protected] or view the Prophix CPM Product Tour

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