Budgeting, Planning and Reporting Tools for Technology and Life Sciences Companies

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For all Technology and Life Sciences (T&LS) companies, capital is vital to fuel research and development as is maintaining a continuous focus on innovation. The pace of innovation and emergence of new technologies creates new and exciting business opportunities for gaining efficiencies.

crWe understand that effective performance management for growing or maturing T&LS companies often goes beyond conventional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) reporting, spreadsheet modelling and at times requires a dedicated analytics solution.

At BDO Solutions we help assure the right people, processes and systems are working in unison and are readily adaptable in the ever-changing business models of T&LS companies. We help accomplish this by providing the expertise to help identify, deploy and support postmodern ERP strategies for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) process improvements. We can work with your business on the most challenging industry issues by offering insight and targeted solutions to assist with optimizing repeatable tasks and help you gain access to capital to help fund technology innovation.

If your business is struggling to:

  • Identify or evaluate revenue streams
  • Measure product line profitability
  • Control R&D costs and other business related expenses
  • Control and predict cash flow
  • Scenario plan for different possible outcomes
  • Make sense of the number of spreadsheets used to manage the business

Then you can look to technology as an enabler for change. Start by assessing the overall health of your business and begin mapping future technology requirements with industry leaders. Having this conversation is an important exercise to ensure continued growth and business success.

To learn more about Corporate Performance Management and how BDO Solutions can help your business download our T&LS brochure or register for our upcoming Postmodern ERP Strategies webcast series to learn if a cloud or on-premise budgeting and reporting system is right for you.

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