Cloudy with a Chance of Big Benefits!

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Benefits of Cloud Technology, Dynamics StratusCloud computing has taken the world by storm and I say, “Let it rain!”  Although the hype surrounding the cloud can be overwhelming and difficult to sort through, the benefits are hard to ignore.  The cloud, cloud computing, SaaS…we hear these terms mentioned continuously in the technology and business world.  And for good reason – the benefits of cloud computing are significant.  It has matured to the point where it can now alter the way most organizations purchase and use IT resources.  Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are adopting the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Here a just a few reasons why:

  •  Pre-negotiated SaaS pricing is based on a monthly subscription which offers predictable costs making financial planning easier.  Typically these costs are paid for through operating budgets which can be easier to justify than capital spending for expensive infrastructure components.  Because the software is hosted remotely, users don’t need to invest in additional hardware.
  • The SaaS model gives users the applications they need in the latest versions and makes them available wherever and whenever required – be it in the traditional workspace, home office or to users in the field.  Software updates are handled by the cloud vendor and at no cost to the customer.  In addition, because the internal IT department isn’t devoting resources to support SaaS-based applications, technology staff is now able to allocate more time to mission-critical systems and changing requirements.
  • SaaS benefits also include strategic agility.  Organizations can adopt new or expanded capabilities by simply subscribing to them, which can cut months off the traditional purchasing processes while allowing organizations to respond quickly to changing business needs.

Increased agility, short deployment times, lower risk and costs – the advantages of cloud computing are compelling.   It explains why so many organizations are transitioning to the cloud and adopting the SaaS model.   If you’re thinking about it, BDO Solutions can help you build a strategy to incorporate SaaS into your IT road map.  Contact us for more information or visit us at

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