Customer Engagement: The Powerful New Feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Why is Customer Engagement important? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is really the unifying theme in all the CRM apps. We implement a more streamlined sales process, integrated marketing, self-serve customer experience, field services, PSA, reports and dashboards, all to give the customer a better experience. Customer experience is the new metric of success; and Microsoft knows this.


Apps available with Dynamics 365, Enterprise Plan 2

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Intelligent Customer Engagement

When Office 365 was released, it was an online version of the on-premise productivity tools: Exchange, SharePoint, Office applications and Lync. Over time, embedded services like Yammer, Delve, Office Groups and recently Teams, became available to Office 365 subscribers as cloud-only services. We are starting to see the same progression with Dynamics 365. Right now, the CRM apps in Dynamics 365 are the same as the on-premise CRM modules, with a few exceptions. New cloud-only services from Microsoft and partners are starting to emerge with a Customer Engagement theme.

This series of posts will look at new customer engagement services. It provides insight on:

  • Who it is for
  • How to activate it
  • How to use it

We Deal with Customers in Different Ways

Depending on your relationship with your customers, these engagement tools may be a great fit or a distraction. Loosely speaking, they map to the level of relationship you have with your clients:

B2B or Account Management

If your primary relationship is with another company, then Insights (by InsideView) is likely to bring you the most value.

Data Source: Public data

B2C or Contact Management

If you deal directly with customers who have a one-to-one relationship with your sales and/or service team, then Relationship Insights (by Microsoft) may be right for you.

Data Source: Internal data (CRM and Exchange)

B2C Brand

You sell directly to the customer but the relationship is more with your brand than with your salespeople (think large retailer or e-commerce site). If maintaining your brand is more important than individual customer relationships, then Social Engagement (by Microsoft) may be the best fit.

Data Source: Social Data

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