Dates in Dynamics 365 Business Central: Sales Order

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Understanding dates on a Sales Order (SO) in Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC), both Cloud and On-Premise is an important part of the user experience. Users of different versions of NAV may find this useful too as there are similar principles.

Why is it advantageous to know how the dates function on a SO? Knowing how the dates function help process POs more efficiently and effectively as this helps users:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and potentially stimulate more sales
  • Communicate more productively with the internal shipment team
  • Contribute to more precise planning from the internal inventory and purchasing team
  • Provide a more accurate sales and sales shipments picture to managers so they can make timely decisions and improve overall processes



The system relies on the following two key principles:

  • If Requested Delivery Date is NOT specified, the system suggests shipping ASAP
  • If Requested Delivery Date is specified, the system uses the following calculation to determine when goods and services should be shipped: “Requested Delivery Date” (if specified) minus “Shipping Time”

These principles are based on the following assumptions:

  • The sooner goods are shipped, the sooner the payment may be received from a customer, then the quicker goods clear the internal location(s), and more (and fresher) goods can be received.
  • If a customer requests a particular delivery date, the goods and services must be delivered on that specific date as it contributes to a customer’s overall satisfaction. It also helps prevent the delivery company from incurring unnecessary fees for storage or returning the goods if the customer is unable to receive these goods.

Another important principle in the system is that a stock out warning message is displayed if goods or are NOT available on the Shipment Date.

We provided an overview using different date-related Fields on the SO Page in the following table:


Table: Date-related Fields on the SO Page

The table above can be printed and used in day-to-day operations.

In summary, we outlined the key principles that the system uses to calculate the date-related Fields on the SO Page and discussed each Field in detail. Understanding these facts and using them in day-to-day operations contributes to more efficient and effective order processing, which, helps increase customer satisfaction, improve communications with the shipping team, facilitate inventory planning, and provide more accurate information.

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