Do you need National Accounts for Receivables in Dynamics GP?

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Client Issue

A client approached BDO IT Solutions because they required customer statements and reports, and needed a solution to running both National and individual reports. Their current process that was inefficient and did not provide the required flexibility.

The Solution

National Accounts in Receivables Management within Dynamics GP provides the functionality to link multiple customers that are part of a single organization. Within a national account, multiple child customers are linked to a single parent customer. Once a national account relationship is established, a cash receipt from the parent customer can be applied to the invoices of any customer on the national account.

Setting up national accounts is a simple process, requiring the completion of one window, shown in Figure 1. With five available options, clients have more than a “one size fits all” solution.

Setup (Cards>Sales>National Accounts)

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows a list of the open invoices for the three customers in the national account.

Unpaid Customer Invoices

Figure 2


Figure 3 is a cash receipt received from the parent customer, Healthy Concepts. Using “Auto Apply” you can choose to apply the cash receipt only to the parent customer or to the National Account.

Cash Receipt Entry (Transactions>Sales>Cash Receipts)

Figure 3


Alternatively, you can open the Apply window and manually apply the cash receipt to open documents. Note: on the Apply Sales Documents window, shown in Figure 4, you can view the documents by the National Account or by Specific Customer.

Figure 4


With National Accounts, enabled inquiries, reports, and processes (such as statement printing) can be processed for either the National Account or the specific customers. Figure 5 is a screenshot of a report options window, including an option to Consolidate National Account Activity.

Figure 5


The National Account selection is not always required; however, it does address some of the customer management requirements when dealing with multiple branches of the same organization or multiple stores/outlets of a chain.

The Result

Using the Receivables Management function, within Dynamics GP, we were able to provide the functionality needed to link multiple customers that are part of a single organization. This results in more flexible and efficient processing for clients requiring this feature.

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