Quick Tip: Document Attach in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A feature infrequently used in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is Document Attach. As designed, the out-of-box Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will allow virtually any note window to have documents attached to the note and accessible. This feature has drastically improved the old unwieldly functionality of OLE notes. It allows for the scanning and attaching of original documents to customer, item and vendor master records, as well as attaching the vendor invoices or other transactional documents to customer, item and vendor transactions. Documents are centrally stored in the database, and accessible in Dynamics GP.

Enabling Document Attachments in Dynamics GP 2013

To begin using the tool you simply need to enable document attachments in your system:

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Document Attachment Setup

quick tip Document Attach in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Help >> About This Window (F1) will give you a full description on this setup window. Below is a quick start guide with some tips to help get started:

  • Select ‘Allow Document Attachments’ to enable Document Attachments.
  • Define or Select a shared default location. This location is used for storing the soft copies to attach.
  • Users can be granted access to delete the attachment by selecting the option ‘Allow the Attachments to be deleted’. The document can be secured by a password.
  • Depending on the specific requirement, one may use the Master records to flow into documents.
  • Select ‘Send Attachments in Email’ if using email to send the information.

Also ensure the proper security is setup for the users. Grant them access to the following in ‘Security Task setup’.

With these setups complete, the Document Attachments feature is now ready to be used.

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