Does a Cloud Based ERP Solution Fit Your Business Model?

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Santa’s business is the perfect fit for a true SaaS model Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Let’s consider the seasonal fluctuations in his business. A subscription, cloud-based solution would allow him to scale up or down depending on the needs of his business. Access to real-time data and instantaneous and up-to-date information, no matter where he is on the globe, makes it an attractive solution for the man in the big red suit.

When many entrepreneurs first start out, comprehensive spreadsheets are all they really need to run their business. But, as startups grow, and their business increases, so does the need for a business solution that provides visibility and on-demand access to critical business information. You can’t afford to question the integrity of your data and introducing multiple systems that don’t talk to one another only adds to the problem. These are key indicators it’s time to consider an ERP solution.

Download our Cloud eBook - The Cloud Changes the Game
Download our Cloud eBook – The Cloud Changes the Game

But, now that you’ve decided you need a solution, how will you deploy it? More and more businesses are considering the benefits of cloud services when it comes to deployment. In addition to the cost savings, things like scalability and on-demand access offered by cloud, make it such an attractive option.

Storing files on a secure, reliable cloud service eliminates backup worries and provides anytime access to your files without worrying about maintenance. One of the other big benefits is the cost savings. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, you no longer need to manage servers and desktops while having the ability scale up or down depending on your business needs.

It’s worth considering a move to the cloud if:

  1. You need to reduce your IT spending
  2. You are competing with big business
  3. You require a system that is scalable
  4. Any of your software applications are coming close to end of life
  5. Your server hardware is old and in need of replacement

If you’re thinking about a cloud ERP solution for your small business, BDO Solutions can help.

For more information on the benefits of the cloud, download or eBook – The Cloud Changes the Game.


BDO eBook - The Cloud Changes the Game

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