Dynamics 365: Editable Grids Are Finally Here!

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With the introduction of Dynamics 365, Microsoft resolved a long-standing pain point for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users and consultants by introducing Editable Grids. The most common complaint I’ve received from clients is that they must open a related record to make any edits. The 2013 release took small steps toward fixing this issue. It introduced Editable Grids for Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders, but they were not available elsewhere in the product and not available for custom entities. While this was a welcome addition, it also had the unintended side effect of frustrating customers who needed this capability in other entities. The wait for a full resolution to this major usability issue is now over!

Editable Grids are full-featured and give the user or customizer the ability to add them to entities and sub-grids regardless of the client you are using. The system administrator enables them entity-by-entity, and they are used on forms or in views. One configuration per entity covers web and tablet/mobile interfaces, and respects data security such as Field Level Security, throughout. It supports JavaScript events like OnSave, OnChange, OnRecordSelect, etc. As well, it supports Business Rules such as error messages, setting field values, locking/unlocking fields, and setting a field as Business Required. Also, it updates auto-save when you move to a new record, and the inline edits support calculated fields.

For users who like to manipulate their data in views, the familiar sorting and filtering capabilities are all still there. Microsoft also added an interesting new feature that allows users to group their data by any column available in the view. If you use the Charts feature in your views, they will dynamically update as you change the record grouping.

Another exciting feature for the tablet/mobile interface is the Nested Grid which gives you the ability to expand a record to access additional information without having to open the record. This will dramatically enhance the usability on mobile.

Nested Grid for Tablet/Mobile in Dynamics 365

Nested Grid for Tablet/Mobile in Dynamics 365

These new features represent a dramatic improvement in the user experience for Dynamics 365. Data entry and updates will be much easier. Plus, the frustrating experience of being forced to open records to make minor edits will no longer be an impediment to gaining user acceptance during the implementation process.

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