Dynamics GP Tool Box – Inspector for Tables and Fields

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The Inspector tool from Dynamic’s GP Toolbox provides easy way to find out detailed and technical information of tables and fields about any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Table information is required to create reports, SmartLists and to investigate all-purpose data. Let’s take a look at how we can use Dynamics GP to find table and related field information:

Step 1 – Open the Inspector window.

Step 2- Go to any window in Dynamics GP that you would like to have the tables and fields information for. Open it and select a field.

Step 3 – Go back to the Inspector window and you will see all the tables and field related information. Move your cursor to a different field and Inspector will show information about that field. Double click the table to get information about all columns within that table.

Off course, this window must be dexterity based.

Here is the Inspector opened:

After opening the Financial “Transaction Entry” window, the Inspector window populates all tables and field information about this window.

To view only tables that contain selected fields in the actual window, select “Tables containing this field” from the view drop down as shown below.

Double-click any table to see all columns within that table. Here “Account Transaction History” table has been selected. One can also export data to XML file using “Export” button available on ribbon.

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