Exciting Changes Coming to Jet Reports!

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Jet Reports recently announced the upcoming release of a new version of Jet Express for use with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is great news for users itching for a flexible financial reporting solution to replace Management Reporter (and formerly, FRx).

A huge bonus with using Jet Express with Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Table Builder. Table Builder allows ad hoc reporting on tables other than just the general ledger (GL). This is a big step up from SmartList because it allows users to link tables and build their own reports without needing to purchase and learn a more complex tool, such as SmarList Builder.

Given that Jet Express is a free product and most reporting users already have Excel installed, there really is very little reason for Microsoft Dynamics GP users not to make the switch!

What’s new for Jet Reports in 2016?

Jet Reports has some other exciting developments on the way for this year. Jet Express and Jet Essentials (Jet Reports’ core reporting product) are being renamed to Jet Express for Excel, and Jet Professional, respectively. This change will differentiate the two products a little more clearly.

Jet Professional is a complete reporting solution that is relatively easy to learn (an introductory course is recommended). It empowers nontechnical users to build and customize their own reports using Excel – a tool all accountants already know and love. Jet Professional offers several benefits beyond Jet Express for Excel. Including more complex and freeform reporting options, extensive product support, multiple-database reporting, and the ability to schedule and automate report distribution.

Another upcoming development this year is the Jet Web Portal. This tool will be available for use with Jet Professional and allows users publish reports to a web portal. You will have the ability to retrieve, run, and share your Jet Reports’ reports from any device, even when you are not in the office. This option will make sharing and distributing reports even more flexible.


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