Exploring Microsoft’s Adxstudio Portals: Part 2

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What is the Adxstudio Portal Solution?

Now that you have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a number of happy customers, and you are required to build a portal that integrates with Dynamics CRM, you are faced with a number of decisions in terms of how to go about it.

With the recent announcement that Microsoft has purchased Adxstudio Portals, what better option than to implement an actual Microsoft solution!

So, you visit the Adxstudio Portal website and download the portal installer file and get emailed a trial key. Now what?

Adxstudio Portal is a bit different than a simple “install the software” and start playing with it. There are quite a few components and understanding what they are and what they all do will go a long way in getting a good start on a successful solution.

Essentially, the ADXStudio Portal solution is two parts:

  • Dynamics CRM Solution(s) that define the entities that will contain the portal data.
  • A Visual Studio .NET web application project that can compile to a portal that integrates with CRM.

Essentially, Adxstudio Portal is more like a “portal kit” than a packaged application, so it provides the ability to offer a tailored portal solution.

Adxstudio provides a managed installer solution that you import as you would any other CRM extension. This installer allows you to choose configuration options based on the types of portals you need to build and will also make it easy to grab updates and new versions.

While tempting, it is not always advisable to install the “whole” package. The complete Adxstudio Portal solution has a number of entities that you may never need, and once they are in your CRM it may be quite difficult to get them out. Particular aspects can be added as you require them.

The Visual Studio project is the portal application that can be compiled and installed on an IIS or Azure web server. While building your portal, you can “run” it in debug mode in Visual Studio directly on your developer workstation.

In the next installment of my awesome web series, we will walk through the necessary steps to get Adxstudio Portal Solutions installed on your CRM and getting the Portal running in Visual Studio. Be sure to catch-up on previous posts of this series here.

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