Fine Tuning Scribe CRM Performance with the Performance Analysis Worksheet

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An import part of data migration is understanding the performance of the migration as these are usually done under tight deadlines.  There are several factors that can affect performance. Scribe Insight helps you fine tune your performance by using the Performance Analysis Worksheet.  After your Scribe migration has completed the Performance Info button will become available.


This will bring up the Performance Analysis Worksheet which will break down the migration by different factors:




The key value to your performance are the following fields:

Reading from source:  This will give you an idea on how long it takes Scribe to actually load the data and read the query.  A high percentage here would indicate a slow performing query.

Reformatting Data: This will tell you how long it takes to update the data based on the formulas you have entered.  The more work you can do on the data source to transform the data before you load it into Scribe the better it will perform.

Other Row Processing: This metric tracks how long it takes for Scribe to write back to the Scribe internal database things like Cross Reference Keys or Rejected Rows.  If you find this

Writing to Target: This tracks how long the final record actually takes to write to the target.  In a good migration design this will be your biggest percentage.

By using this screen in your testing you can tweak these numbers to create the most efficient data migration possible.

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Download our Business Analytics Solution Guide





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