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Fun With .NET Triggers and Visual Studio Tools

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A recent integration project required placement of a trigger on the scrolling buttons (also known as VCR buttons) located on an alternate modified Purchase Order Entry window.


A client upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 along with third party software Wennsoft required a rewrite of a legacy VBA/Modifier integration using Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The integration piece is invoked from an alternate modified version of the Purchase Order Entry Window.


Start with adding a local button using Visual Studio to the third party Purchase Order Entry Window. This button is used to invoke the integration UI.

Since we are working with a modified version of a third party form, the next step is to employ use of Dynamics Assembly Generator (DAG) tool to produce a modified forms assembly file for which will then be referenced in the .NET solution. The assembly file created by DAG is named Application.WennsoftProducts.ModifiedForms.dll.

Next the following two triggers are registered:


.NET Triggers


Subsequent testing revealed that push button trigger operated as expected whereas the VCR button’s trigger did not fire. A thorough analysis of the client environment and possible causes for the issue indicated that different (alternate, modified) versions of the Purchase Order Entry form were present.


.NET Triggers Visual Studio


The placement of the trigger handle on the native version of the form should have the effect of “bubbling up” to the modified version in use. However this was not observed in practice. It should be noted that triggers on the native version of the form were found to work on system devoid of third party add-on whereas it failed to execute when additional versions of the same forms are introduced. A possible cause was thought to be version conflict introduced by installation of the third party add-on.


Proceed with caution when faced with the scenario of integrating with a Dynamics resource that has multiple modified versions. Stick to use of the native version as much as possible and be prepared for some events to not work as expected.

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