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The online courses for Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) offer additional learning opportunities for users who would like to learn more about these ERP products, new functions, or a specific module.

The advantages of using the D365BC and NAV courses are:

  • 24/7 access
  • Free for customers working with a Microsoft Partner such as BDO Canada LLP
  • Available online for easy access
  • Can be used to create a learning plan for new employees
  • Suitable for learning about a particular feature or whole new area
  • May help a partner save time
  • Content provided in the video format for more efficient learning

The video courses are available on Microsoft CustomerSource. The CustomerSource website is available to any web user, but to take advantage of the free courses, you must have a CustomerSource account. Therefore, we begin by explaining how to obtain a CustomerSource account.

An Administrator can create a user account on CustomerSource. Once licenses are purchased through the partner, the Administrator Account can be created. If you already have licenses and don’t know who the administrator in your company is, it may be a good idea to approach your partner for clarification. This person can then create CustomerSource accounts for other users in the company.

In order to create a new user on CustomerSource, click on the “Company Profile” link (available on the upper right-hand corner of the CustomerSource page when the login name is clicked on). This provides an overview of the available users and offers the option to create a new user. The new user page should look similar to Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 1: Creating a new CustomerSource User

The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk and highlighted on the screenshot above. The “Send an Invitation Email to set up Account” checkbox is of particular importance. This will generate an invitation email for the user notifying them that the account is being set up. This typically happens within a minute or so upon clicking on the “Save” button. This concludes the administrator’s part in setting up a new user. The user needs to take the following steps with the account that is being set up.

Once the user receives the invitation email, they need to click on the link included in the email. This is a unique link for each user and it takes them to a web page where they can associate their email with this CustomerSource account. Please, note it has to be a non-corporate email.

Next, the user has to close ALL the browsers and open Internet Explorer. Delete browsing history as shown in Screenshot 2 (gear button in the upper right-hand corner> Safety> Delete browsing history… OR Ctrl+Shift+Del):

Screenshot 2: Deleting browsing history


The browser will show a notification on the bottom of the screen confirming browser history was deleted.

The next step is to open an InPrivate session as shown on screenshot 3 below (gear button in the upper right-hand corner> Safety> InPrivate Browsing OR Ctrl+Shift+P):

Screenshot 3: Opening an InPrivate session

Finally, the user can navigate to the generic link in the invitation email. It should direct to the CustomerSource website and on the upper right-hand corner, there is link saying “Welcome User.” Clicking on it takes the user to the login page where they can login with their non-corporate email address and the CustomerSource login password. The confirmation of the successful login should be the user’s login name appearing on the upper right-hand corner of CustomerSource website (Screenshot 4):

Screenshot 4: Successful Login to CustomerSource

From here, click on the “Products” dropdown menu and select the product. For example, D365BC (Screenshot 5A) and from there select the “Learning” dropdown, menu and “E-Learning” link (Screenshot 5B):

Screenshot 5: Navigating to the courses

This should lead to the one-time learning plan sign-up page. Then users should be able to see the screen below (Screenshot 6), which takes them directly to the course catalogue where they can search for a course or browse the available courses. Courses are added from time-to-time and it may be worth visiting the site every three months to check for new courses.

Screenshot 6: The course catalogue

In summary, users can access video D365BC and NAV courses on CustomerSource to help explore their ERP systems whether they are looking for help with their day-to-day responsibilities or considering implementing a new area. These courses are not meant to substitute the training provided by partners and other sources, but they can supplement this training.

The objective of the IT Solutions team at BDO Canada LLP is to help companies set up and use their ERP system in the most efficient and effective manner. We are happy to take your questions and provide your company with the training and other ERP solutions.

You can contact us by visiting our support page here.

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