GP 2013 R2 is here! Check out this list of new features.

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With Microsoft releasing the latest R2 update earlier this year, came a treasure trove of new features included.  If you’re still on GP 2013 or an earlier version, this would be a good time to consider an upgrade to take advantage of the many new and exciting features.

System Features:

-Take a company Offline for maintenance: Users will not be able to log into this company. Current users in the company will be able to finish work, but will not be able to log back in.

– New Document Attachment Features:

  • Delete attachments from master records
  • Attachment Flow through: IE email out attachments
  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) scanner can be chosen to scan documents

– Email Functionality:

  • Assign specific email address for certain documents
  • Send reports in email messages
  • Print remaining reports after email sent

– Home Page Design Changes: New Self Service Home Page Role and Procurement & Time Management content areas.

– Desktop Action Pane: You can select how to display commands in GP.  Switch between Menu Bar, Action Pane Strip, or Action Pane (Full Pictures)

– Web Client SQL Server Login: Use SQL Server Login for GP Web Client.  IE a user can now use their Windows credentials to access the Web Client eliminating the need for their own SQL Login.  Users can be set as “Web Only” not requiring SQL passwords.

– Microsoft Azure Storage: Online Microsoft Storage for backups.

– Note Window: Use Document Attachment Management window to attach documents to record level notes instead of OLE.  Microsoft has provided a utility to migrate over OLE notes to Document Attachment.

– SRS Reports – Print from Transactions Windows: SRS reports can be set to print from specific transactions windows. User printer icon dropdown to select the report to print.

– Workflow History: Use Workflow history window to track the workflow of individual documents.


– Copy from Excel to GL Entry: Copy and Paste from an Excel sheet into GP journal entries.

– Reverse Historical Year: Reverse Year-End Closing of the most recent closed fiscal year.


– Default sort order for printing cheques: Sort printing of cheques by payment number, vendor name, state, city etc..


– Reprint Outstanding Transaction Report: Outstanding transaction Report can now be reprinted using Financial Posting Journals window.

Analytical Accounting:

– Manual Payments: Applying a manual payment to an invoice with analysis information, defaults the payables account from the invoice.

– Setup Wizard Update: Pre-Activation Check button to check for duplicate GL or Sub-Ledger record that could prevent the setup, and prints report.

– Setup Wizard Update: AA Setup Wizard remains open after creating default records.

– Landed Costs: Now can contain AA information.

Fixed Assets:

– Default Asset ID by Class: Enter a different ID Prefix ad number scheme per class.

Encumbrance Management:

– Encumbrance Integration with Purchase Requisition: Validate Account Amounts entered for Purchase Requisitions.

– SRS Reports: Encumbrance Summary Inquiry & Detail Inquiry now available as SRS reports.


– Suggested Items Scripts: Assign a script or talking points to suggested items.

– Suggested Items Added Fields: Quantity, Unit Price, Quantity Available, Quantity to Add, Sales Script.

– Suggested Items Analysis: Analyse suggested items to see if other items should be sold as companion items.

– Assign Multiple Sites to an Item

Purchase Order Payable:

– Assign Workflow to Purchase Requisitions


– Payroll Time cards: Employees & Managers can enter Time cards.  Start/Stop times.  Employees can view their own time card information such as vacation time.  Workflow can be used to approve timecards before an employee will be paid.  This workflow can be customised.

Project Accounting:

– Project Time Sheet: Employees can enter time for a single week or multiple weeks’ on a single document.  This can be used with Workflow to manage approvals.

Smart List Features:

– Create  Go-To’s: Designer now allows the user to create Go To’s.

Management Reporter:

– Run reports from the Web Viewer.

Reporting Tools:

– Four New Dashboards: New Dash boards for the Financial, Sales, Purchasing, and inventory can be deployed on SharePoint or a network drive.

For more information, download our feature guide:

GP2013 features

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