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Before I start talking about PowerShell commands in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, I want to explain in simple words what PowerShell means. In computing, a shell is a user interface that gives you access to various services of an operating system. This can be command-based, or may include a graphical user interface (GUI).

How Can PowerShell Benefit Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users?

Based on .NET framework, Windows PowerShell is a powerful tool Microsoft developed to automate tasks and manage configuration. PowerShell capabilities allow you to simplify and automate tedious repetitive tasks by creating scripts that combine multiple commands together.

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, we have the ability to manage Dynamics NAV using PowerShell. So far, the Dynamics NAV community has underused this tool for two reasons: because it lacks a GUI, and because many users are not aware that PowerShell exists.

Here we aim to change that! PowerShell is an extremely powerful tool that Dynamics NAV users should learn about and embrace. For example, PowerShell commands in Dynamics NAV give you the ability to:

  • Create a NAV database from a SQL Backup file
  • Create, remove, rename and copy companies in NAV
  • Create, remove, configure, and start or stop NAV services
  • Create, remove, and configure users
  • Create or remove new permissions and assign the permissions to users
  • Add, remove, and synchronize tenants in a multi-tenant environment
  • Run upgrade procedures

Although using the Dynamics NAV GUI can achieve the above tasks, PowerShell allows you create scripts and combine multiple commands so you can automate some of the more tedious day-to-day tasks. Each new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV introduces enhanced functionality and technology improvements to serve the needs of today’s fast-paced, competitive world. To facilitate and demonstrate the use of PowerShell commands in NAV, Microsoft created various PowerShell scripts and included them in the Dynamics NAV installation media under the “WindowsPowerShellScripts” folder.


Below are some of the sample ready-to-use PowerShell scripts that come with the product:


Windows PowerShell is an incredibly powerful tool that is included in Windows. With the integration of Dynamics NAV commands, it brings many benefits to Dynamics NAV power users and IT professionals alike.

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