How LS Retail’s Staff Management Will Save You Time and Money

LS Retail’s Staff Management Can Save You Time and Money

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LS Retail offers Staff Management, one of the most necessary and powerful tools for any retailer.

LS Retail describes Staff Management:

“Manage your staff from headquarters and maximize their productivity with LS NAV. Through our system, management can easily plan and distribute staff rosters, handle sales commissions and oversee and approve work hours throughout the whole business. The powerful salary-related functions let you compare actual staff costs against your budget.”

Benefits of Staff Management

  • Staff scheduling (roster)
  • Salary budgets
  • Time registration (clock in/out) + shift requests
  • Time acceptance
  • Export working hours to a third party salary system

Staff Management handles the scheduling of salary budgets based on the employee roles. Staff are assigned schedules, which are compared to the budget. After that, employees register their times, which their managers accept. Lastly, the worked hours are exported to a third party salary system.

Another key feature of Staff Management is salary export. The layout of the export is defined in Staff Management setup.

Budgets vs Actuals in Staff Management


In each location, your staff is assigned roles (e.g., Retail Manager, Bartender, Cashier, Assistant Manager) and assigned to a schedule. The combination of role salary and scheduling drives location budget.


In each location, schedules or work shifts are assigned to staff, driving location actuals.

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Setting Up Staff Management

  • Work locations: this will be your store’s location. Each location needs:
    • Staff roles with average cost price/hour
    • Location regions
  • Employees: assign work locations, regions, salary, working shift, shift patterns
  • Work roles: e.g., Cashier, Bartender, Manager
  • Employee agreement types: scheduled hour/time, fixed salary or flexible
  • Work shifts
  • Shift patterns: usually used for rotating shifts
  • Salary system codes: required when using exact salary in the scheduling
  • Special days that retail is closed: e.g., Christmas, statutory holidays
  • Staff unavailability: e.g., sick days, vacation
  • SMS setup: used to text your employees to alert them of published schedules, shift requests, etc.

Staff Roster in LS NAV

When used efficiently, Staff Roster will reduce time and money spent managing your staff schedule.

This is where scheduling is done for employees and shift planning. On this form there are different statistics available, including total actuals vs budgets. Staff rosters are created per location. The newly created schedule starts in draft mode and must be confirmed before employees can start registering their time (i.e. clock in/out).

Depending on how Staff Management is set up in LS NAV, schedules can be populated automatically or manually.

For example, if your employee is assigned to a specific shift pattern, his or her schedule will be populated automatically. That said, you do have the option to override the automatically populated schedule.

Another feature of Staff Roster in LS NAV is the ability to see how many roles are required per location per day. For example, on Monday morning the store may need two cashiers and one assistant manager.

Additionally, you can use Staff Roster to track an employee’s availability due to vacation or sick days. Within Staff Management, vacation days can be tracked using the Vacation Planner.

Other benefits:

  • Employees automatically populate when assigned to the location
  • Copy a shift to an employee
  • Fill in a shift/role for the week/period for an employee
  • Copy an employee’s schedule from a previously planned roster
  • Add an employee to the roster
  • Schedule breaks during the shift
How LS Retail’s Staff Management Will Save You Time and Money 2
Example of Staff Roster

Time Registration

Out-of-the-box, Time Registration can be set up from the back office or at the POS.

Once the schedule or staff roster is active, employees can start registering their time, via the Time Registration Form, when they arrive for their shift and leave for the day. In addition, employees can view and print the roster plan. They can see if their registered hours are approved and see any manager’s comments if hours are rejected.

Employees can also check available shifts with Shift Request, and can see current roster, shifts, registered hours on a monthly basis, and the salary entries by pressing Function.

How LS Retail’s Staff Management Will Save You Time and Money 3

Time Acceptance

After the employee has left for the day, a supervisor must accept their time. Supervisors have the option to add/insert lines to register lines (original registered hours cannot be modified). If an employee does not show up for work, the system inserts the hours from the roster, with the status ‘did not show up for work’.


Out-of-the-box, Staff Management in LS NAV offers a variety of reports, including:

  • Employee list
  • Employee unavailability
  • Roster cost analysis
  • Location year analysis
  • Roster status
  • Location roles
  • Work shifts
  • Employee salary entries

In addition, Staff Management can track an organization’s special days, such as Christmas, and employee availability directly from the Staff Roster.

Staff Management is designed to replace your manually created schedules, that take hours to complete, and when used correctly, to save your retail organization time and money.

If you are interested in learning more about LS NAV’s capabilities, be sure to check out our post on Safe Management.

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