How to Create a SmartList with a Territory ID in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Have you ever needed to create a SmartList with a Territory ID? This blog walks you through creating that list from the invoice and the Customer Maintenance card, using SmartList Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. Note that the Customer Maintenance card and Receivable Transaction have different Territory IDs (Figure 1).


  1. Click on the SmartList you want to run with the Territory ID and click on the new icon from the top pane (Figure 2).


  1. Fill in the details as shown below. Click on the “+” sign and select SmartList from the options (Figure 3).


  1. From the drop down, select the desired SmartList object (Figure 4).


  1. Click on the “+” sign again. This time, add the required Microsoft Dynamics GP table (Figure 5).


  1. Enter values accordingly and click on the “+” sign (Figure 6).


  1. Click the save button and continue saving the SmartList (Figure 7)

Click next on RM Open File.


  1. Click the Sales Territory ID in the default column as shown below and save the SmartList (Figure 8).


Now, when the SmartList runs, the Sales Territory ID will be shown (Figure 9).


If necessary, you can add the column to display the Sales Territory ID from the Customer Master card as well (Figure 10).


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