How to find your GP System Password

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With the number of applications we use each day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of passwords.  If your organization has set up the Dynamics GP application, you’ll need to add your Microsoft Dynamics GP system password to the list of things to remember. What happens if your memory fails and you forget your password? Thankfully, there is a way to retrieve this information from within Dynamics GP’s Report Writer. I will outline how to build the report in Report Writer to see this information.

The first step will be to create the report in Report Writer. To access this feature, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer (note: access is dependent on a user’s security.) In the Product window, select Microsoft Dynamics GP if it has not defaulted (Figure 1).


From the menu, select Reports, and then click the New button in the Report Writer window (Figure 2).


In the Report Definition window enter/select the following (Figure 3):

Report Name:                   Enter a name for the report

Series:                                 Select System from the drop down

Main Table:                        Select System Password Master

Using Key:                          Use the default that is populated from the select the table above


Now that we have parameters for the report, we can move onto the layout. Once you click on the Layout button, you will notice that there are no fields on the report layout. To add a field you should see the Toolbox window for report writer, with the System Password Master table listed as per the below screenshot (Figure 4).


Note: if you do not see this Toolbox window, click on Layout from the menu and then Toolbox.

From the toolbox, select Password, then hold down your mouse button to drag that field into the Body section of the report (Figure 5).


Close the Report Layout window, then select Save on the message to save changes to this report layout. Close the Report Definition or select OK.

The last step is to generate the report. Back in the Report Writer window, find the report you created in the list and select it.  Click the Print button and print to the required location (Figure 6). GP will populate the password on this report.


Finally, we can delete this report after obtaining the password. We can do this, as the custom report is available to generate the Customer Reports window in Dynamics GP. If the GP user has access to the system series and product then they can run this report.


For more information, please contact your BDO Client Manager or Lisa Gorelow at [email protected].

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