How To Integrate Your CAD and ERP Solutions with CADLink

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Feel like your engineers are disconnected from your ERP? Are they spending too much of their valuable time manually entering data into Microsoft Dynamics AX? QBuild delivers a solution called CADLink for Microsoft Dynamics AX, allowing your engineers to eliminate the clerical work of manual bill of materials (BOM) data entry and maximize their efficiency in design work. CADLink streamlines your design to production process by connecting your engineering team to the rest of your company, making them more efficient and giving your organization an edge in a competitive market.

An engineer creates an hour of BOM data entry work per day (on average). This is valuable time they could instead spend modeling, designing, or performing other value-added activities. Using CADLink reduces data entry time to just two to three minutes. For a team of eight engineers, they will be saving eight hours a day, or one whole engineer! This is what allows QBuild to boast a typical payback period of six months or less for BDO Solutions’ manufacturing clients.

How To Integrate Your CAD and ERP Solutions With CADLink 1

CADLink is a bidirectional solution that visually compares the BOM from your design software to Dynamics AX before committing to save. You can use this to create new parts, or resolve discrepancies in the data. Since CADLink enables users to modify BOM data in CAD or Dynamics AX intuitively in the user interface, you can also add raw material details. All this happens at a click of a button.

Implementing CADLink will:

  • Increase the speed of data flow from engineering to manufacturing
  • Promote data accuracy and system consistency
  • Free up engineering staff to do more design work, thus reduce your engineering costs
  • Prevent unnecessary costs of scrapped parts
  • Eliminate double or triple manual data entry processes

CADLink for Dynamics AX is currently compatible with every major CAD and PLM/PDM system on the market.

CADLink is developed by QBuild, a Silver Application Development ISV Partner for Microsoft Dynamics AX and is available through BDO Solutions.


David Linton

Solutions Senior Manager

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Discover capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX that you may not know about. Click here to get the brochure now!

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