How to Make ‘Reason Code’ a Required Field in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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“Is it possible to make Reason Code a required field in the Inventory Transaction window?” This is a question that customers frequently ask us during a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.

Reason Code is a useful functionality that was added to Microsoft Dynamics GP in version 2013. It adds functionality to control the direction of transactions in the inventory module.

Of course, with the tools available in Microsoft Dynamics GP the answer to the question is yes. Here are the steps to make the necessary changes in Microsoft Dynamics GP using the built in Modifier tool.

Make ‘Reason Code’ a required field

  1. From Microsoft Dynamics GP → Tools → Customize → Modifier
  2. Select the Product under the Item Transaction Window you are modifying. When no third party products are installed, this will be Microsoft Dynamics GP, otherwise the third party products may need to be selected.
  3. The Modifier will open and display the Modified Forms window. You may see other forms listed if they have previously been modified.
  1. Use the New button to add the IV_Transaction_Entry Form.
  1. The Form Definition window will open and display. Select the IV_Transaction_Entry window and click Open.
  1. The definition for the IV_Transaction_Entry window will open.
  1. Select the Reason Code Text header and use the Properties window to modify the text format as follows.

FontBold = True

FontColor = Red or Black per your company preference

Zoom = False. This is key. If you do not change this, the field will stay displayed as a blue zoom link. Zoom functionality will be lost. However, transaction users would not normally be able to zoom to the reason codes setup window anyway.

  1. Double click in the detail section in the middle of the IV_Transaction_Entry window to open the scrolling window section for the detailed item rows.
  2. Select the Reason Code field box of the IV_Transaction_Scroll scrolling window section to update the properties window.
  3. On the Properties window, go to the Object tab, select the Required row and change the value to True.
  4. Close the IV_Transaction_Scroll window and save the changes.
  5. Close the IV_Transaction_Entry window and save the changes.
  6. Exit the Form Definition window. You should now see the IV_Transaction_Entry listed as a Modified Form.
  7. Switch back to Microsoft Dynamics GP using the File menu.
  1. The final step is to activate the modified form for users (under the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports setup in the Administration setup).
  1. The finished result.


As a side note: the Site ID is also a required field in the Inventory Transaction window, but like a select few Microsoft Dynamics GP windows, the detail section headings don’t show the fact that it’s required.

You can use the same formatting steps shown in step 7 on the text for the Site ID field to change how it displays to users and indicate that it is a required field.

Now Reason Code is a required field in Microsoft Dynamics GP, leading to greater efficiency and organization within your company.




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